Featured: New Design and Implementation of Block Cipher Module Using Simple Encryption Technique

Number of aspects related to security like so many applications ranging from E-commerce, payments gateways. But there are so many hackers tools are available which breaks the security concern. For that purpose our main focus is secures transmission of information that is possible with the help of cryptography. Cryptography is very necessary for secure transmission of our personal data or we can say information.

Now cryptography itself is not sufficient for secure transmission of information. Our works presents on encryption / decryption that is we have called cryptography. The Encryption and decryption techniques are able to work publicly or privately or with any type of secure file. It can work on image file, text data file, audio/video file, power point presentation file and so on…..

The encryption / decryption technique or cryptography is one of key generation method of randomization .If we want to create a encryption key for any type of information but result for that key is only in binary format. To create a key, we use a simple mathematical operation like matrix and substitution of bits which can be applied on each block of information. The key generation and encryption are very transparent to the user. Now the process is used to decrypt the encrypted binary file.

Journal published: Shukla, p. (2017). A New Design and Implementation of Block Cipher Module Using Simple Encryption Technique.International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 4(7), 194-199.

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