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tags Summer season has to reporters in the capital Residence Marketplace visits found that some parents take their children typically buy eye-protection. According to eye-protection of Sell Personnel, eye-protection as compared with ordinary lamp flicker-free of charge, so to protect the eyes, the prevention of myopia. Then, eye-protection sales staff said it really as magical?

Eye-protection Eye-protection by parents Town brings collectively a number of lighting Shilihe Lighting Brand, high-middle and low lighting almost everything, exactly where reporters located that the majority of stalls are selling eye-protection, and eye-protection in price from tens of dollars to the hundred dollars. A tiny brand of eye-protection element can be purchased for 50,60, and as “Philips Eye-protection” such a big brand, the minimum must be 200,300 yuan. Compared with the eye-protection, there is no “eye” functions a lot more than ordinary lamp will have to low cost, no-name table lamp in the bargain soon after 20,30 ten yuan can acquire, even the big lamp, on a hundred dollars even in higher-grade the. “Even though the eye-protection a small a lot more expensive, but for our children’s eyes, as parents invest more funds is worth.” Eye-protection of consumers are selecting Ms. Lu told reporters.

Share the identical views with Ms. Lu consumers handful of, a lot of of the city Shilihe lighting sales employees told reporters, looking for the eye-protection of the customer is nearly 100 % are for the acquire of school children and do not care about the price tag when buying lights. “Some parents even came here was one particular of us to be the ideal, most expensive eye-protection.” Salespeople Miss Sun told reporters.

Flicker-free of charge high strobe ‘s Appear at a couple of eye-protection totally free promotional materials, and some mentioned the eye-protection has been in a position to shield the eyes, and the shade has a lot on the grating some claimed, the product used original design and style of the United States the newest inverter technology to eliminate light flicker caused by eyestrain.

“Can be eye-ah Eye-protection Why?” When journalists are confused about this query numerous customers thrown to sales staff, extremely couple of individuals in fact able to answer. Shilihe lighting in city’s status as ordinary customers have been asked 10 salespeople to sell eye-protection, but only two individuals described to reporters about the so-known as eye look eye-protection principle. “Ordinary table lamp is a strobe, and a long time with this table lamp will make people’s eyes as tired, and eye-protection is not strobe, so even if prolonged use, the eyes will not feel tired.” 1 sales clerks although explaining to reporters, whilst good in the ordinary lamp and eye-protection for reporters to do presentations. Reporter also observed that compared with ordinary lamp, eye-protection does not appear like strobe.

No strobe is genuinely eye-protection “eye” operates? Lighting Merchandise Sector Association of China, stated Chen Yansheng, the so-referred to as no strobe, it is only high strobe. According to Chen Yansheng introduced beneath the action of fluorescent lamps in the AC, will make a a single off adjust of light, that strobe. Ordinary fluorescent lights flicker about 100 instances per second, not easily detected by the naked eye, but it can also make folks feel uncomfortable, but the quantity of light flashes per second to a certain extent, is difficult to detect the naked eye, the eye will be comparatively comfortable Some, but since the light emitted to the light is nevertheless not continuous, the exact same eyes, a lengthy time to really feel tired.

Eye-protection there is no national normal specifications
The “higher strobe” to say “no strobe” effect of exaggerated eye-protection of the eye, which appears to be the present marketplace potential of eye-protection rules. Insiders even say, the marketplace seems eye-protection, nearly no a single study the skilled sector in the state science test. Reporter also observed that although a lot of eye-protection of the promotional supplies will impact his eye boast of hype, but the product packaging and no national authority of the department’s test final results prove that their items are eye impact. And most eye-protection requirements for the implementation of labeling GB7000.11-1999 (“to the safety needs for portable common purpose lights”), not especially for eye-protection requirements. Journalists access to relevant information and discovered that the national regular lighting product category, industry requirements, did not particularly associated to eye-protection standards.

Yantai Consumer Association has issued a customer alert to remind shoppers to purchase eye-protection products cautiously this year in May possibly, Wuhan Branch Trade and Industry also issued customer alert to remind consumers to eye-protection has not introduced a unified national requirements, to avert myopia is largely speculative companies.

Deputy Secretary Basic of China Association of Lighting Doulin Ping stated, As extended as the lighting brightness to stay away from glare, normally about ten watts of power-saving lamps will be capable to meet the standard requirements of people’s each day lighting. When selecting lighting to the formal market place also acquire those side opacity, shade shading impact of very good lighting.