Expertise Of Hardware Gear Pump: The Use Of Several Common Fault

tags Gear Pump by means of a pair of parameters and structure of the very same involute gears meshing with every single other rolling, low-stress oil inside the tank can do work of higher-pressure oil rose to an critical part. Is the engine Machinery Can be converted into hydraulic power energy plant. Simple in its use during the following failures.

1, oil pump oil pump internal parts wear components wear causes the internal leakage inside. One particular sleeve and the gear end float among the leakage location, is the principal component of the internal leakage brought on. This portion of the internal leakage leakage accounted for all of 50% to 70%. Wear within the leak of the gear pump its volume lowered efficiency, output power substantially reduce than the input pump energy. The loss was transformed to heat, so it will trigger pump overheating. If we combine graphic compression, due to work, there will be a floating sleeve wear brought on by a little amount of movement, resulting in slow or not to upgrade tools to upgrade, so that the floating bushings must be replaced or repaired.

two, pump casing wear is mainly floating shaft bush wear (gear shaft and sleeve of the regular gap is .09 ~ .175mm, the maximum shall not exceed .20mm). Gear oil stress on the part of function, gear oil pump housing near the tip, put on low-stress cavity pump components. Yet another is to wear face into the circle inside the shell-like wear, such wear is not mainly the net result of adding the oil, so oil need to be added without impurities.

3, seal put on and aging of rubber seal rubber seals unloading film aging deterioration, loss of elasticity, higher pressure oil chamber and low pressure oil chamber lost its seal isolation impact, will make high-pressure oil chamber to the low-stress hydraulic oil cavity, named the “internal leak”, which reduces the pump pressure and flow of perform. CB46 gear pump its regular working pressure of 100 ~ 110kg / square centimeter, the regular oil level is 46L/min, a common piece of rubber seals of unloading is 57 43. Considering that the tight seal is PG25 42 ten of the skeleton-kind oil seal, its damage or failure in a long time, the air did give oil seal and the gap among the shaft journal or from the inlet plate and the pump shell access junction has been inhalation of oil pump, via return pipe into the tank, a huge number of bubbles generated in the fuel tank. Will lead to the oil to lessen fuel tank, engine oil escalating the oil tank bottom, therefore producing a slow or not to upgrade tools to upgrade. Must be ruled out that this failure to replace seals.

4, oil pump fuel supply shortage or non-hydraulic phenomena: Equipment upgrade gradually, shaking or can not upgrade when upgrading tank or pipeline bubbles upgrade issue when the hydraulic method, “ji, ji” sound tractor just commence operating device can increase the working oil temperature rise for some time following the upgrade is slow or unable to upgrade light load can enhance, can not enhance the expansion stage, when heavy load. failure factors: (1) hydraulic tank oil level is too low (2) do not use hydraulic oil according to season (3) into the pipeline to be dirt jams (4) gear oil pump oil seal is broken, the air into the hydraulic method (5) into the pump, the oil port Connector Or bend connector “O” ring damaged, bent joint fastening Bolt Or into or out of pipe Nut Not on tight, the air into the hydraulic program (6) pump internal leakage, seal aging (7) pump seal or the primary, driven gear shaft seal put on or scratches, the two sleeve face roughness tolerance (8 ) oil pump assembly error brought on by the internal components within the leakage (9) “L” loaded “appropriate hand” pump, resulting in washed out skeleton oil seal