Exclusive And Distinct Cultural Treasures of Pondicherry


Pondicherry is an eye-catching tourit location due to its unique and distinct cultural treasures. When you are interested in exploring and enjoy the territory , you can be cherished with some life time memories.


Culture of Pondicherry

The culture of Pondicherry is very colorful and vibrant. It is synonyms with the culture of Portuguese, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.


Architectural Style of Buildings

The French influence lingers in each corner of Pondicherry which is visible in architecture and culture of the state. The territory has been under the rule of French rulers for many years as a result the French flavor is visible in its magnificent historical monuments, houses and churches.


Life-style of Men and women in Pondicherry

The way of life of localities in Pondicherry is hugely influenced by French style of living.



Telugu, Malayam, Tamil, English, French and Hindi are the well-known utilized languages in Pondicherry.


Conventional Attires

The classic costumes of folks in Pondicherry are tailored in traditional Indian style. Females wear extended skirts, saris and blouse. Men wear shirts and pants.



Hindu religion is dominating Pondicherry, most of the folks are Hindus. Majority of Muslims and Christians are also inhabiting the territory. Christianity is a legacy of French colonial rule, evident in cathedrals, convents and churches.



Pondicherry is a foodies hub. The exotic flavor – spicy and bit oily food things are very tempting. The culinary planet is a blend of French and standard style, which creates a distinctive flavor of cuisines. Union territory is well-liked for its French brioches, baguettes and scrumptious pastries. Restaurants here serve scrumptious selection of French, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi and Gujarati cuisines.


Folk Dance and Music

Dance and music is an important element of Pondicherry culture. It is hugely influenced by the wealthy heritage of Tamil Nadu tradition. Some of the well-liked dance types of the territory are Kathak, Yakshgana, Cahu, Kuchipudi, Mohininattam and many far more. Carnatic form of music is played in cultural programmes.


Art and Crafts

Pondicherry’s tradition of art and crafts is hugely influenced by the diverse regimes and colonial era. Men and women are really creative and revolutionary which can be observed in generating of distinct items such as beautiful and exquisite miniature paintings, screen paintings, Batik, generating incense sticks, dinning mats, wooden carvings, paper lamps, perfumes and so forth. Handful of expert artisans creativity can be observed in producing of bags, hammocks, hand knitted woolen garment, wall hangings, wooden furniture and bags and many far more.



Several religious and regional festivals are celebrated in Pondicherry with excellent fervor and grandeur. These Fairs and festivals of the territory are critical element of it really is age old culture. The festivals marks wealthy and vibrant culture of the territory. In the course of the festive season each single individual gets in the mood of celebrations and festivity. The occasion is marked with practicing of rituals and celebrations. The most prominent festivals celebrated in Pondicherry are Sani Peyarchi, International Yoga Festivals, French Meals Festival, Veerampattinam, Pongal, Panguni Uthiram festival and Masi Magam festival.


Pondicherry Tourism provides an excellent chance to catch a glimpse of vibrant culture of the territory.