Evaluation: China’s Huge Possible Industry For Machinery And Equipment Drying – Drying –

tags When speaking about market concerns, China is by no indicates the field of drying technology restricted Chemical industry Market but across all walks of life, extremely broad, and with the continuous improvement of science and technology and progress, drying technology in the field will further expand the prospective market is huge. To agriculture, for instance, the Japanese-owned farm Drying gear Roughly 150 ~ 170 million, and our only two million units.

The a single hand, shows the degree of agricultural mechanization in China is not enough the other hand, the consumption concept that we are nonetheless a big gap. Crop drying, directly impact the quality of crops such as rice, “crack”, cracks are not caused by threshing, but the drying method and drying difficulties. Different drying strategies and drying processes will also impact the taste and nutritional content of crops. We think that with the accelerating procedure of China’s round properly-off people’s consumption notion will also undergoing profound alterations. ‘Professor Pan Yongkang mentioned:’ Drying Technology mostly refers to the dry theory, drying procedure and drying gear for research.

Now the focus is not dry theory of transport phenomena of components outside but inside the drying process material transport phenomena. A wide range of components to be dried, but also in the approach of dehydration on texture and material transfer characteristic is also changing. As a result, despite the fact that this made a lot of international perform, but nonetheless not excellent, is nevertheless not resolve the issue. Which these days nonetheless rely mostly on tests and expertise to decide the drying circumstances. At the exact same time, domestic and foreign scholars on the drying method and equipment made a lot of study.

In China are more than 70 colleges and universities, analysis institutes and a large number of specialists engaged in drying technologies. China in grain drying, biological components, fruits and vegetables, dry and dry and drying equipment, some new investigation and improvement has been at the international forefront of some level of drying gear manufacturers in China despite the fact that in general, the strength of weak investigation and improvement, into modest But there are some very very good solution improvement projects, such as self-cleaning rotating drum, closed loop inert particles of organic superheated steam fluidized bed, a massive flow of spray granulation, 45 tons of massive-scale spray drying gear and so on, but regrettably Most of the enterprise technology developed beneath wraps, frequently do not open academic exchange.

Beneath MUJUMDAR introduction, the former Soviet Union at least 200 globe-class specialists in drying, Drying Technology 80 years ago in the 20th century, a world leader, but due to the fact of national and language barriers affect their integration into the international drying business, today has been less brilliant to see them published papers, which we should learn.

Order to catch up with our extensive international sophisticated drying technologies national level, to do a lot, but academia and industry is important to closely 1 of the aspects. Zhejiang Twin

in this regard earlier commence Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Dalian University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Forestry and other relevant institutions, investigation units of the joint development of spray drying technology, not only won the favor of the domestic market, the end of China in the past spray Drying Machinery Relying solely on Import Scenario, but also into the international market place.

This, in recent years, Zhejiang Twin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the international and domestic academic papers published over 20 articles, and Professor with the MUJUMDAR exchange of technical information through the publication of his translation of the “Principles and drying equipment and new progress ” and Canada CANMET Energy Study in the dry areas of organic waste conducted in depth exchanges and Cooperation With the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences Lykov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer jointly developed low-pressure dryer and the Technical University of Lodz, Poland, have also cooperated in different elements, including technical exchanges, joint investigation and so on.

Which co-twin machine with foreign universities in study and development ‘spray fluidized bed granulation technology’ has been incorporated in a cooperative project in between the two governments. At present, the twin machine from home and abroad, Dr. culture has enriched the two power firms to-day, in the future, will further enrich the technologies, improve improvement efforts.

It was agreed that: The Chinese energy from a dry into a dry energy, we need to further strengthen the simple theoretical study, applied analysis and application development compacted base Jinchu technology to enhance automation in testing technology, manufacturing processes and supplies material aspects of style.