European Half Of The Cars Use Diesel Fuel, Diesel Fuel Will Become The International Energy Trends!

100 According to statistics, one hundred% heavy-duty cars in Europe, 90% of light autos have been making use of diesel engines over 90% of taxis are utilised diesel engines, and Germany, diesel cars are generally a taxi. European diesel vehicles accounted for 32% of annual production cars, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and other nations as a lot as 50%. Which was 67% in France and Belgium, Austria and a lot more than 71%.

In truth, early 70s of last century, Europe had basically realized the truck and passenger automobile diesel technologies. From the late 80s of final century, the apparent trend of diesel passenger cars. Considering that the 90s of last century, diesel engines and technology. With the electronically controlled fuel injection, typical rail, EGR, and exhaust soon after treatment technology, the birth of the shortcomings of classic diesel engine has been corrected, altered black smoke, vibration, noise and the “cuttlefish” image.

Today, the modern day and sophisticated diesel engines can not only meet current international emission requirements, but also share the worldwide fuel prices continue to rise to the owners of the pressure. Diesel engine in the car to occupy a position of energy far more and much more essential, has turn into Europe’s developed nations, 1 of the ideal energy supply for vehicles. Modern day diesel cars much more cars identified as the path of improvement in the 21st century, by European consumers.

The United States is also thinking about the dilemma of motor vehicle diesel, U.S. President George W. Bush in a speech that the United States of diesel autos up to 50% in 3 years, to 2020 industry share of diesel automobiles to 15%, which signifies vehicles Start off of Diesel technology.

Mercedes-Benz diesel technology has been widely utilised in other high-end vehicles.

Even behind the best 5 advantages of diesel cars “out”

Why do diesel autos are sought right after in Europe so it? Method from the industry point of view, because the extraction of diesel fuel refined than a brief time, the prices normally more affordable than gasoline. In the preservation and transport method, because of diesel fuel much less volatile than in the standard temperature and stress, diesel fuel can be stored longer.

In the course of the diesel combustion with 40% to 45% of the power production price, whilst the rate of gasoline energy was only 30% to 33%, a direct result of the distinct fuel consumption: the exact same emission fuel-effective diesel autos than gasoline automobiles a lot more than 30% comparatively low emissions, diesel exhaust emissions 45% lower than gasoline.

In environmental protection, modern diesel engines of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide emissions are significantly less than gasoline vehicles, diesel cars than petrol cars carbon dioxide emissions 30% to 45%. In terms of safety, diesel is less volatile, higher ignition point, etc., it is not easy due to accidental ignition or explosion of the situation by the use of diesel fuel is more stable than making use of gasoline.

In power efficiency, there is a lot more authoritative physique count had such an account: a conservative estimate that every diesel car fuel economy than gasoline vehicles .03 liters per kilometer of calculation if the average per vehicle traveling 20,000 km per year, each auto 600 liters fuel per year motor vehicle, the average age of 15 years, then each and every diesel cars inside the life-saving 9000 l in accordance with the current retail price tag of gasoline in China 93 6.05 yuan / liter terms, each and every of diesel automobiles only fuel savings of 54,450 yuan a can.

Meanwhile, the diesel car also has sensible functions as low speed diesel engine cylinder combustion temperature is fairly low, not easy to aging-associated components, long life, so the failure price of diesel engines than gasoline engines.

It is noteworthy that diesel-powered automobiles as torque, driving overall performance, luxury vehicle owners in numerous nations in Europe and the motorcycle racing clan also increasingly inclined to get diesel automobiles. Presently, Western Europe, the proportion of diesel-powered luxury vehicles has been as high as 44%. Which, by employing the proportion of luxury vehicles, Belgium 87%, France 82%, Austria 77%, Italy 70%.

China imports a third-generation common-rail direct injection Ssangyong diesel engine technologies, emission standards are really impressive.

Diesel SUV has a bright future

Experts stated that environmental pollution in the expanding worldwide automotive background, each energy and environmentally friendly energy-efficient model is the future of improvement path, while the diesel SUV will play such a function. Diesel SUV combines the benefits of massive power and low energy consumption, completely resolved the higher automobile charges, environmental costs and modest cars, “little horse-drawn carts,” the contradiction among.

“Diesel is the international trend, diesel SUV SUV of the future concentrate of development.” An engine specialist pointed out clearly that the vehicle trend. Right after years of analysis and development and improvement, China’s diesel car technologies in environmental protection, fuel-effective and so have a higher level. For example, integration of Ssangyong Motor has invested heavily in technical resources to develop the world’s diesel passenger auto diesel SUV, the engine utilized together with Mercedes-Benz to produce the third-generation typical-rail direct injection diesel engine, the world’s most advanced diesel-powered system. It is not only an superb dynamic efficiency, but also has greater fuel economy, low fuel consumption, low emission characteristics, its fuel consumption of six.eight liters / 100 km, compared with the identical gas emissions 40% -50% fuel-effective models, whilst Normally, in the case of the same emissions than gasoline fuel-effective diesel engine is only about 30%, which shows the superiority of Ssangyong diesel technologies and economy.

According to the China Association of Automobile Producers released statistics show that when in Might, SUV vehicle sales growth has exceeded 29%, the highest growth in passenger auto market place, the head of each and every model. To the November date, SUV models in the auto market downturn is nonetheless ten% typical month-to-month development price of a auto market place of the most brilliant models. Rapid expansion in the SUV marketplace, the favorable demand environment, in order to love Proton Ssangyong diesel SUV will be represented by a hot model vehicle market, prospects are bright.