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tags The meeting, you can not find the number of files, see the platform show and solve practical problems to go over the forum, their concern is engaged in the function of the engineers, not researchers.

HC screen Special Indian network Despite the aura of EDA continued to help the IC designer, but in epoxy resin Print Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs that will nonetheless bring fascinating challenges for the designers. With the exact same integrated circuit chip, epoxy printed circuit board (PCB), also turn out to be smaller, more rapidly and more quickly, other epoxy printed circuit board (PCB), and welding as in the above IC, but also to obtain low energy consumption. This final results in epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) designers and IC designers as there are some widespread constraints: manufacturing expenses are rising, ECO implementation of more and far more high-priced, but industry pressures as wonderful. In brief regardless of chip or circuit board is an integral whole. China Epoxy Resin Business Association, according to specialists, but they are also different, for IC designers in the Design and style Automation Conference (DAC), the emphasis is on the future exploration of new ideas and technology, and in the printed circuit board for Epoxy (PCB) style of the epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) meeting, the emphasis is to resolve the current issues and the training of designers. In epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) meeting, you can not uncover the number of files, see the platform show and solve sensible difficulties, to talk about the forum, their concern is engaged in the function of engineers, rather than on personnel.

Epoxy Business Association of China experts, had the honor to participate in the meeting, the meeting’s theme is: IC-packaging – Epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) integrated design approach. I am certain right after listening to a speech in a lot of IC designers must also participate in this meeting. The impression that most of them concern only the silicon die, rather than to consider their style stuff is taking place, ultimately surrounding the device with the silicon Electronic Research linked. We should not overlook that the electronics is the real planet: will be mechanical or environmental impacts, these impacts will figure out your design appears very good whether or not the final work of silicon. According to the China Association of epoxy resin sector experts, and some small meetings, the exhibition carpet exhibition as dazzling as DAC, Booth was hung up by the temporary curtain separated, need to stand in the aisle watching the guests and viewers do not will be several, and typically only 1 or two men and women stand. In epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) booth, you will find most participants, is epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) design and style outsourcing and manufacturers, EDA vendors are not. Booth at the DAC meeting is very strange not see FPGA vendors and wafer foundries who also did not see a fabless designer. Another surprise is that in the epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) west Fair ground, saw the eight EDA tool vendor name, yet another six appeared at the meeting.

EDA firms in Silicon Valley with a quantity of executives chatted, and found their epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) market place will not be rushed into. The region is deemed very small, low income, and was occupied by Mentor and Cadence. After talking with the Cadence discovered a phenomenon, I must say is a strange phenomenon. Is well recognized that Cadence, usually consider that only CDNLive! Seminar is its show technologies platform and brand, if you are, or your consumer receives their particular invitation, you can participate in exhibition viewing demo, and listen to their tools Candence technical presentations. If you do not receive their invitation, you had the exactly where left alone by myself on exactly where to go. China Epoxy Resin Business Association specialists mentioned, Cadence’s Sell Employees have no option to the statement. In expanding the industry (epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) style) side is like? Cadence brands usually do not simply because the other competitors, or low-finish manufacturers also appeared in a quantity of occasions, they typically occur quietly. So next time you are at the show, if you want to see Cadence’s epoxy printed circuit board (PCB) application products, you can uncover what EMA booth, EMA is the organization Orcad software distributors, in the renowned Orcad Cadence acquired a couple of years ago. It is like to stand to see Orcad, I did not foresee was that the EMA does not stand to see the EMA Proxy The Allegro item demo, or other EDA computer software.

Next year in July at the DAC show you will see Cadence, oh not to be EMA, stand in the middle of Springsoft and Mentor.