Environmental And Friendly Treatment options For Cootie



When I was a student, I saw that if a student unluckily had head cootie, he or she would be boycotted by other young children. Head lice are terrible. Those who suffered from them had all types of awful chemical compounds applied or no hair on their heads.



Even though the stigma of head lice appears to have relented, the incidence of head lice hasn’t, nor has the use of environmentally unfriendly chemical compounds used in therapy.


Some head lice preparations (and shampoos for that matter), contain Lindane. Lindane is a toxin that persists in the atmosphere, producing its way into waterways following being rinsed off.


The US EPA classifies lindane as a bioaccumulative and toxic chemical and belongs to the exact same family members of chemical substances as DDT and PCBs. It can be absorbed through the skin and impact the central nervous method. It is also known to trigger liver and kidney damage – so it really is a excellent notion to check your head lice treatment for this chemical.


Nothing at all is as great as monitoring to avoid head lice infestation, but an exceptional alternative to environmentally dangerous chemicals is Tea Tree Oil. A capful of tea tree oil poured into a spray bottle then filled with water is stated to send head lice scarpering and to preserve them away.


Not only is this a far more environmentally friendly selection, but with Tea tree oil only costing a couple of dollars a bottle and becoming valuable in several other applications, it’s a considerably less expensive alternative. You can also add a handful of drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo as an straightforward ongoing preventative therapy.


Another option is to add a tablespoon of hair conditioner mixed with a tiny quantity of hot water, plus ten drops of lavender vital oil to a spray bottle, then prime up with water. Spray your children’s hair daily, followed by a fast brush via.


By the way, head lice combs can be a rather pricey item to buy – attempt a flea comb, which can be bought from a pet shop you are going to find it to be a much less expensive but equally as effective option.