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Limited coaching funds to maximize the efficiency, so that the training’s attain extends significantly longer, so that aggregation of power into instruction a new driving force for improvement in Qinghai. Province Talent Workplace and the Provincial Office of Human Resources and Social Security carried out the “3 training project” sensible interpretation of a deep trace of fresh.

Interview A lot of participated in 3 coaching personnel, both those lately educated, or training of personnel in the previous, the feeling about the training and harvesting, Speech, are all trace of excitement. In current years, the province almost a thousand scholars Professional And specialist Technology Backbone, with the “3 instruction project” 1 of the higher-level instruction project, completed on much more than 150 analysis projects at all levels. Listen to them talk, you can strongly feel that the coaching may possibly look boring, in their experience to show a variety of colors, when the influence of training not only have a restricted keep in a handful of days, a handful of months time, a particular person, a couple of the training of men and women to participate in harvest is not restricted to the participants.

Training, operate up wind and on the wings

To photovoltaic power generation, mainly wind power and other new Power Industrial processes in current years in Qinghai, but open up the road, “Excuse me improvement”, “wind up” is not effortless.

“Instruction, enterprise improvement project has offered us powerful assistance.” Qinghai New Energy Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liu believes that enterprises are quick of funds, lack of technologies and so on in the second 34, is a business development talent shortage The most vital element. Qinghai is really hard to introduce talents, sent to study digestion and absorption is a very good kind.

Liu said that in the high-level training project, supported by New Power Group has in current years, many specialist and technical personnel dispatched to Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Jiangsu Provincial Foreign enterprises with business-major studying. In the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, not only studying the photovoltaic application of new technologies, realize the country’s new energy technologies development trends, but also by way of the international city Shanghai to open the window and see the foreign improvement in this location and some of the latest outcomes of this work on company-associated improvements, related to the analysis carried out for the following Japan and Germany photovoltaic investigation and developing Cooperation Reserve encounter. And German cooperation in the building company far more than 50 village-level independent photovoltaic power stations, electricity to solve the fundamental troubles of these villages. The implementation of investigation projects to boost the group and even the province’s new power, “Excuse me improvement” speed.

At the identical time, via in-depth study to Jiangsu enterprises manufacturing silicon chip technologies, so that a new project application of solar energy group and the silicon provincial key industrial projects, now much more than 300 million yuan investment in the construction of this project has begun to take shape. Liu believes that many education and study, study staff to participate in reserve a certain quantity of high-tech, came back led the group to improve the general capacity to perform in enterprise development has played an essential part in promoting additional promote solar power industry to the province class upgrade, today’s Qinghai Qinghai New Power Group has grow to be the new sector of “pacesetter.”

Training, emphasis on Education The maximum advantage

“Did not count on this harvest is plentiful, did not count on this sophisticated teaching notion developed regions, they did not count on so flexible teaching techniques, did not feel our suggestions and actions impact so significantly.” From the Provincial Celebration School of Philosophy and Social Division Professor Zhang Yuliang about 3 high-level instruction to participate in the feelings, even to say “so did not consider of 4.”

Higher-level education in the province operates with the assistance of Provincial Party in current years in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and counterpart institutions organized three sessions, much more than 150 men and women took component in the modern management and Info Government management and innovation seminar theme.

“Enlightened, the globe is incredible.” Epi stated, go out and developed regions outside the province of advanced teaching methods, teaching philosophy, including the dedication of teachers and so on, deeply influenced, motivated, infected with the Party School teachers .