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tags 12 11 report: EMC yesterday announced its storage virtualization answer upgrade, introduced InvistaSAN virtualization options, the latest version of Invista2, including availability, scalability, and with the VMware integration of all the strengthened.

Even though storage virtualization in recent years has been creating slowly, but because the EMC two years ago released Invista considering that, Invista goods constantly keep a low profile and stable improvement.

The code for the StorageRouter block virtualization options with IBM’s SANVolumeController (SVC) and Hitachi’s TagmaStore as industry competitiveness is more prominent many virtualization solutions.

EMC Infrastructure Software vice president of DocD’Errico mentioned: “Though in the previous two years time we Invista’s improvement and promotion have been maintaining a low profile, but this virtualization resolution genuinely gives us a considerable revenue. “

Now EMC prepared to go up. Invista virtualization remedy added ControlPathCluster (CPC) function allows customers to a lot of of Invista application and as far away as 500 meters from the outside servers, storage, and Fibre Channel switch device to connect. If the cluster in a device fails, then the other devices will be in a position to immediately take more than its work.

TanejaGroup principal analyst ArunTaneja stated: “Users of the Invista version 1 has been in doubt: no matter whether it is a perfect product. The EMC strengthened Invista’s availability to meet the vast majority of users. And Invista also gives the controller functionality, so when the handle path errors when you definitely do not worry, because the other control path can continue to work. “

The scalability side, EMC will Invista supports virtual volumes from 4000 increased to eight,000. EMC This is clearly IBM pre-emptive, IBM’s SVC Though assistance for 500 meters remote clusters to function collectively, but it only supports 4000 virtual volumes, IBM has mentioned it plans next year, SVC supports virtual volumes elevated to eight,000.

According to EMC, said the present application Invista2 of customers has reached 12 or so, but EMC is only disclosed a single of the users are positioned in India, West Lafayette, Purdue (PurdueUniversity).

Purdue University IT and operational leader MikeRubesch mentioned: “For us, the storage of Zuida dilemma is the Cunchushebei Guoyuyilai server administrator of human intervention, Er Invista them from that work liberated them . If we are to data from the layer of storage on the move to an additional layer of storage to go, the previous, we need to have volume to map copy, and now management can use Invista to finish the job. “

He said, EMC this will Invista support for virtual volume double the quantity for the future and lay a solid foundation. He mentioned: “Possibly now this is not crucial, but as our capacity increases, the help for virtual volumes of much more and more dominant.” According to him, Purdue University, the storage capacity of just six years from the 9PB fast development to 220PB.

His EMC announced yesterday Invista and VMwareESXServer3 application needed in between certification license puzzled, because this year in August since he has Invista operating nearly 150 VMware virtual servers. He quipped: “Because VMware is the 1st in the Invista running under operating environments, so I hope that EMC, like me, on the VMware self-confidence.”

Very same time, EMC has also adjusted its Invista options, pricing, at the moment listed Invista2 entry-level solution priced at 10TB storage capacity of 100 thousand U.S. dollars, and before the Invista1 priced 100TB storage capacity of 250 thousand U.S. dollars.

D’Errico said: “This is actually a response to the wants of customers, and with EMC other pricing models to attain a uniform. Tiered pricing model enables customers to steadily in the fundamental structure of the application virtualization technologies, not overnight. “

According to IBM storage virtualization advertising manager ChrisSaul stated, IBM plans to SVC series of updates, beginning at 50,000 U.S. dollars. He stated: “Virtualization inspection market, continuous improvement, the company’s solutions are continuously adding new attributes.” He mentioned that IBM plans subsequent year to the SVC answer to add thin provisioning capabilities.

Unfortunately, Invista is nonetheless not integrated replication, ArunTaneja think this is Invista’s greatest shortcomings. Although Invista help for EMC’s RecoverPoint application, but most customers want the software technology characteristics can be embedded Invista virtualization resolution.

ArunTaneja said: “The customers can help the replication difficulty, but there is no much better solution? Course. Currently on the marketplace in the storage virtualization solution most applications is 1 of seamless data migration , whilst the copy is the function of the biggest component. “

D’Errico stated, Invista solutions to increase replication of the plan has been in the generating. End of the month, EMC will also Invista for an upgrade, such as mirroring and multiple storage devices to set up storage pools.