Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Produced For Texans, By Texans


When it comes to solutions for cost-effective and integrated Electronic Healthcare Records (EMR) and practice management software, e-MDs is a leader in the field of customized medicine. With firm roots that are “deep in the heart of Texas,” e-MDs manufactures EMR technologies in Texas, with almost two million Texas prescriptions processed final year using e-MDs superior software.


e-MDs is also committed to partnering with academic institutions in an work to additional the development and implementation of EMRs and practice management solutions. With their good results in the creation of UT’s information technology plan, and with 1 in eight prescriptions in the state of Texas processed employing their gear, e-MDs is the top source for EMR options for Texans, by Texans.

e-MDs Helps Generate Wellness Details Technologies Certificate Program

e-MDs is playing an integral role in the creation of a very effective Health Details Technologies (HIT) Certificate system at The University of Texas at Austin (UT). e-MDs’ senior management group was involved in launching of the system, and e-MDs CEO, Dr. Michael Stearns, served on the program’s curriculum committee.


e-MDs contributed their present EHR platform, Solution Series™ integrated EHR/PM system, to the University’s Heath Info Technologies Summer time Certificate Plan as part of the company’s continued commitment to education and workforce improvement. The system was sponsored in part by a $ 2.7 million federal educational grant received by means of the Professional University Resources and Education for Health Details Technologies (PURE HIT) consortium project.


Fifty-4 students graduated this summer, making the inaugural system one of the very first federally funded workforce development programs to have successfully educated professionals who have subsequently discovered employment in the well being info technologies business. Twenty one particular of the 34 students who were eligible for employment have been hired by the HIT sector and 5 have been hired by e-MDs.


e-MDs’ superior EMR computer software is made by physicians to improve care, minimize errors and simplify company so that time spent with patients is high quality time that is automatically billed and coded appropriately. With EMR software program, physicians can treat, code and bill in a single application.


EMR: Implementation

If you require additional data about the implementation of EMR and how they boost efficiency for health-related pros, speak to e-MDs, a leader in EMR application provision. e-MDs will support you recognize how to use your new EMR method or assess and upgrade your current system in a way that achieves ARRA-defined Meaningful Use.


e-MDs provides a host of affordable, certified EMR options for physicians and facilities looking to modernize or improve their solutions with the newest electronic wellness records technology. e-MDs is committed to supplying affordable and integrated EMR and Practice Management Computer software options, such as clinical, economic and document management modules designed to automate health-related practice processes and chart management – delivering the clinical tools required to succeed in today’s well being care environment.

You can locate further detailed information about all the different solutions and advantages an EMR technique has to supply your practice by contacting a representative right now at 1.888.344.9836 or [email protected], or going to them online at www.e-mds.com.