Electronic Elements Pilot Stepped Into A New Power Era Appliances


E The rapid improvement of technologies adds to human life, vibrant colors, but with the industrialization and urbanization deepened, electronic technology has also cast a shadow over the globe.

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Energy , Most of which are non-renewable energy resources, excessive consumption of energy affect sustainable development of the future of human society. Therefore, environmental

Energy , In particular, issues of electronic merchandise, energy efficient a single as a hot topic appropriate now. Cautious observation reveals that power

Environmental protection Of integrated circuits typically concentrate on, neglecting the function of electronic components. Electronic elements as the basis of electronic info items, has been quietly supporting the development of electronic details industry. U-disk from the mini to the aerospace, electronic elements everywhere. Terms of use or method cost in terms of the quantity of electronic components more than the integrated circuit, electronic elements, for that reason can not do with out power-saving topics.

China is the world’s

House Appliances Production base, annual production value of six,000 billion appliance sector, and the Chinese home appliance goods, energy consumption has far more than 15% of China’s total energy consumption. For that reason, energy saving appliances bear the brunt of power into the object, in certain domestic Massive Three? Air conditioning, Television,

Washing machine Power conservation is often challenge the limits.

Air conditioning: power devices, each motor

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Inverter air conditioner Accounted for most of the counter, you can see the power-saving inverter air conditioner that has positive aspects as nicely as to produce a living atmosphere has been a lot more acceptance, and government departments will list energy-saving inverter air conditioner into the lead function, but also produced a virtually air-conditioning for the frequency good reputation.

Power devices and energy-effective air conditioning compressor motor is the two essential elements, Mitsubishi Electric mastered the core technologies of the two air conditioning accounts for the success frequency air-conditioning,

Refrigerator And the washing machine market share of 60%. The sector to grasp a lot of power semiconductor technologies business, but to master the power semiconductors and motor firms are very couple of. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Division of the Minister of Atmosphere to market leech Tiandao Fu introduced in the future the business plans to use SiC (silicon carbide) module to further improve inverter efficiency. If all the existing goods can be switched into silicon carbide products will substantially decrease power consumption. According to Mitsubishi Electric has completed a conversion, if the 2015 date, all semiconductor switch silicon carbide semiconductors, energy savings could energy the equivalent of two million population. Leech Tiandao Fu said, the existing progress of SiC has completed the development of empirical test. He hopes the development of this technology by 2010 to the practical level.

First inverter air conditioner compressor motor for the AC motor, following the technologies to use brushless DC motors. Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the industry’s most efficient known as the “keel motor”, its original core is like the compressor motor keel keel can still commence on the commencement of the stator core higher-density land about soon after the fold the copper, substantially reduce the size of the motor, and realized the close of routing and volume of the narrow, significantly improved the efficiency of the motor.

Washing machine: direct drive permanent magnet synchronous motor show their expertise

Relative to the air-conditioning, washing machine’s energy is far more complex, involving the power consumption, water consumption indices. The property appliance market place qualities for the typical customer, but also take into account the cost, in order to achieve low-price power-effective efficiency.

“Traditionally, house appliances such as washing machines are employed in the motor inductance machine, to fixed speed operation, and only utilizing mechanical transmission, or perform cycle is not precise, and less effective regulation technologies. If speed permanent way to replace these motors can be decreased by up to 60% of power waste. “International Rectifier (IR) PaulRolls senior vice president of worldwide sales of the existing technical scenario of electrical household appliances, mentioned,” The issue is the electronic manage unit style complexity, like digital, analog and power stage.

Washing machine motor for household energy problems, IR introduced a washing machine for direct drive permanent magnet synchronous motor