Electronic Cigarettes ? A Tidy Option to Smoking?


Walking by way of the streets of my local town earlier, I noticed something that appears to have become an increasing difficulty in the final couple of years. Litter…it’s a private bugbear of mine and some thing that the UK has struggled with for as long as I can keep in mind. For a so called civilised nation to have such an appalling dilemma is absolutely nothing quick of, effectively, appalling!

What does this have to with electronic cigarettes? I am acquiring there, bear with me. The ban on smoking in public locations has brought on a litter difficulty all by itself. Okay, so there have usually been a specific quantity of cigarette stubs littering the country’s streets and pavements, adding and increasing to the eyesore. Whatever happened to “Maintain Britain Tidy”?

However, the smoking ban had an additional trick up its sleeve, namely to send all smokers of pubs up and down the nation onto the street. Frequently right onto the towns higher streets and subsequent door to shops and stores. It really is not smokers fault of course, they are merely going where they have been sent but I walked past 1 pub today and there was really actually a carpet of dirty, employed cigarette stubs on the pavement! Not to mention the slalom course 1 has to take to weave in and out of all those enjoying their cigarette.

On an additional street there was a line of dustbins, on the leading of which was piled many inches of but more cigarette stubs. Now, I should clarify that these specific bins had been designed with a tiny metal bit at the prime to enable smokers to put out their cigarettes ahead of depositing them inside the bin. Generally the entire thing is very unsightly and a definite issue.

What can be carried out? Nicely, right here is the electronic cigarette bit! E cigarettes have no stub to place out, there is no flame and no smoke and after the user has vaped, they can simply place the e cig back into their pockets and carry on. Just imagine for a moment if you would, the implication this would have on our towns and cities if this solution with outstanding potential was to truly take off and replace tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette users could all keep inside the pub and not only would the pub not need ash trays but they would not require to send all the smokers outdoors into the cold and in turn they wouldn’t have to go and sweep the street clear of dirty cigarette stubs when they closed.

Needless to say the electronic cigarette conundrum poses significantly meals for believed.