Electrical Recent Sales Gains Across The Board The Most Hot Air Fan


Continuing summer season heat may possibly be uncomfortable for many men and women, but the economic positive aspects Querang organizations opened Huai laugh. Reporter has learned that in high temperatures, driven by all kinds of refreshing cooling


And fans,

Air conditioning

And other electrical usher exceptional market conditions, sales of one gains across the board.

Refreshing cooling food sales growth

Hot weather to the streets of pearl milk tea, fruit juice, frozen drinks, demand has risen sharply, including herbal tea is sought after by the basic public. Huaqiang North Industrial Street, 1 operating in the cold of


Cheerfully told reporters that because the hot weather given that the store’s business has to get better, just before two days of rest per day up to 1,000 yuan only wholesale and retail ice cream, and now the weekend can be effortlessly reached nearly two,000 yuan


Quantity, “the far more hot days, the greater organization ah.”

News from Vanguard, Carrefour and supermarket shops, see Po-year-old, bottled water, beer, tea drinks, fruit juice, cola and other summer season drinks have been place to the most prominent place, purchasing centers also have introduced the type of cost cut, acquire a single get a single promotions. Po-year-old shop in division stores King, Meiji, and the way the snow, Nestle, Sukemichi ice cream brands such as all the energy to go

Price war

Have been supplying specific costs to attract buyers improve substantially. Carrefour relevant official told reporters that, due to the recent hot weather, summer time drinks sales into the season, all kinds of drinks have different levels of sales development, sales and even greater than last year, such as beer sales rose 7% -eight%, purified water sales volume is up significantly enhanced by 20%. Vanguard’s also learned from its current all retailers beer, ice cream, jelly, herbal drinks and other meals sales of important growth, year on year, the chain had been up 20%.

Individuals acquire a lot more health-oriented drinks

It is understood that the “wellness” became a refreshing summer time beverage market this year, important words, many people have to contemplate the acquire drinks taste factors, but also far more focused than ever, drink components, the body is healthful. According to market sources, the beverage market place in current years, the structure has undergone significant modifications, tea drinks, fruit juice and herbal tea as the representative of the non-carbonated beverages is rapidly emerging, and to cola soft drinks represented the influence is severe, the industry share steadily divided by non-carbonated beverages, “in all drinks, purified water sales growth this year, most, which can explain the option of customers in the product element of far more wellness conscious.” According to statistics, in 2006 sales of herbal tea in the nation had much more than Coca-Cola. In 2008, sales of herbal tea in China a lot more than twice the sales of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s annual reports from the information can also be seen in all Coca-Cola beverages sold in non-carbonated beverages and low calorie drinks in 2000 accounted for 11% to 22% in 2008, just doubled.

1-1.5 best selling piece wall air conditioner

Reporter recently visited


, The National United States and other property appliances retailers identified near the fan, air conditioning sales fairly well-liked. According to Lu a shop manager introduced a year 6? August is air conditioning, fans,


So refreshing the peak sales this year simply because the state introduced the appliance subsidy policy, the market place is more well-liked than in previous years, “Our shop sales this month, final month elevated 40%.” It is understood that the present market place is the most prosperous

Environmental protection

Appliance energy-saving goods, from 1 to 1.5 of wall air-conditioning the most well-liked members of the public, the price tag is about two,500 yuan in sales of far more energy-effective air conditioning Wang. In order to win the highly competitive marketplace, foreign brands, domestic brands have spared no work in the sales promotion, direct price tag reduction as the most essential and most successful implies. In the retailers, many brands of fans, air conditioners are prominently labeled yellow promotional card, marked the latest particular gives.