Electrical And Electronic Recycling Industry, The Green Shift Will Lead The


With the continuous development of China’s electronics industry growth, the electronic products in the national economy and social life, playing an increasingly essential part in the same time, has accumulated a massive number of e-waste has also brought numerous adverse effects.

December ten – 11 day 2009 China International Electronics Recycling and processing technologies, the General Assembly, &amp China Electronics International Symposium on Green Style and Manufacturing, held in Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel. But here, far away in the other side of Copenhagen, the United Nations climate conference was hot for.

It is understood that this Assembly will recall the subject of recycling of waste electric house appliance technology exchange, from a policy and technical standards level the discussion and interpretation of the management of waste electrical and electronic items and models, and enterprise cope with recovery of waste electrical and electronic problems such as supporting policies .

This meeting by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association CCCME, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, China National Institute of Standardization, Tsinghua University, the Japanese electric sector and a quantity of units will be co-hosted. This is also the China Household Electrical Appliances Association Recycling Waste Electrical and Electronic Appliances Recycling Waste Branch, held about the third particular technical exchange.

At present, electrical and electronic recycling laws and regulations on continuous improvement in 2006, “Electronic Info Goods Pollution Manage Regulations” the promulgation of this year, “Circular Economy Promotion Law” was formally implemented January 1, but right after a series of discussions of “waste Electrical and Electronic Solution Recycling Management Ordinance “will be January 1, 2011 for enforcement.

Constraints in the policies and regulations, China’s electronic and electrical appliances manufacturing enterprises, recycling and disposal enterprises will knowledge in technology and research and development of a green industrial modify. How to adjust the electrical and electronic goods manufacturing enterprises to accomplish green ambitions, take the resource recycling-based development model how to more in-depth understanding of domestic and international electrical and electronic waste recycling-connected laws, regulations and requirements of the status quo, be adopted recycling techniques, and advanced and practical technologies and gear to construct up not only with Chinese traits, and can complete the integration with the international recycling program, it appears to be very urgent and critical.

Much more importantly, according to justice and improvement is the very first extensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the scientific development concept, we need to have a big supply of sufficient sources, even though China’s expanding scarcity of mineral resources so that we feel the improvement of resistance. To this finish, the use of sources by improving the efficiency of turning waste into treasure, and give full play, such as electronic waste, such as the part of a variety of varieties of waste of resources to help the rapid improvement of our economy and society.

This year, as house appliances, “trade-in” policy, the implementation of waste household appliances a lot more and more the concern of the neighborhood, but also for recycling firms and processing gear companies to provide higher marketplace improvement. The meeting brought collectively appliance companies from home and abroad, recycling equipment companies, recycling companies, environmental firms and other representatives of the waste property appliances recycling have been discussed.