Effects of Artificial Sweeteners and Meals Additives on Our Mind and Body


Meals additives are chemicals applied to food to boost their color, taste, texture as nicely as longevity. For centuries mankind has been making use of the additives like vinegar, salt and sugar to improve and preserve the food. But in the current years, with the advent of processed meals coming in, there has been a lot of adulteration of food with the additives and it has turned into a thriving business. It has been estimated that an average American consumes anywhere around five pounds of the dangerous additives each year!

Beside understanding and learning about the excellent food that boosts your brain energy, you want to recognize about the meals groups that decrease the brain energy by virtually killing the brain cells. Food delivering your physique and brain with tiny or practically no nutritional worth are regarded as ‘bad brain food’. Meals those are not very good for the well being and development of your brain has the following characteristics: polyunsaturated fat or Trans- fat, white flour, salt, high levels of refined sugar, meals additives like tartrazine and asmonosodium glutamate, as they lack in vitamins, fiber and proteins. Foods that are bad for your brain are also bad for your body as they cause mental well being issues or other issues like dental cavities, Type-2 diabetes and heart ailments.

It is advisable to keep away from anything labeled ‘artificial’ in the food category like the artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings and artificial colorings, as they lead to damage to the wellness of your brain. Artificial sweetener or Aspartame is a hidden item that is utilized in more than 5000 foods including beverages and soft drinks, children’s medicines, jelly and chewing gums. It is considered as the most dangerous additive in the marketplace and is broadly becoming utilized in merchandise like prime- up sweeteners, preserves, frozen desserts, cereals, pharmaceuticals and so on. The combination of the two standard amino acids in Aspartame, aspartic acid and phenylalanine, resulting in a sweet taste was a surprise discovery. Excess phenylalanine can affect the functioning of the brain by increasing the irritability of the brain cells and at instances lead to seizures. The symptoms of the artificial sweeteners can range from severe headache and insomnia to memory loss or even heart attack.

Other additives like Sulphites which are employed as antioxidants, bleaching and for preserving meals generate allergic reaction causing dizziness, wheezing and flushing. The yellow dye tartrazinea and preservative benzoate lead to urticaria or hives. The nitrites and nitrates present in plants have a tendency to combine with the amino acids in the GIT (gastro-intestinal tract to kind carcinogenic molecules or nitrosamines.

Every single meals that is consumed by us has an have an effect on of some kind or the other on our body. Junk foods, processed foods, refined foods, preservatives or additive foods will have an adverse impact, whereas these supplied to us by Mother Nature like the fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seed, herbs are very good sources of minerals and vitamins which support us fight or cure a lot of diseases. So, creating the right selections is in itself a potent medicine for the body and mind.