Education Site Warns Teachers: Know Who Your Real Enemies Are


“It’s 1 of the more curious stories in American education,” notes Bruce Price tag, founder of “Classroom teachers typically recognize with the elite education commissars who manage the technique. In truth, the two groups have small in typical. The education bosses, dedicated to left-wing ideology, are trying to use public schools to reshape the nation, and in the approach they end up misshaping the schools. This is not excellent for parents, youngsters, teachers, or anyone else.”

All the statistics tell the same story: our public schools are a lot beneath what we want and what we could have.

“American public schools are mediocre,” Price tag explains, “because the Education Establishment has embraced a lot of negative concepts. These ideas have a tendency to dumb down the students and–this is where it gets very interesting– make life hard for teachers. My sense of it is if we had intelligent policies in the schools, teachers would have a considerably far better life. And our entire society would have considerably much better prospects. It is essential to know who your enemies really are.”

Price writes about education on a lot of websites and sees a lot of comments. A single of the most surprising elements is that numerous teachers assume that any discussion about education is about them personally. (It’s as if people had been discussing military policy in Iraq and a soldier here in America asked, “Why are you criticizing me?”)

In truth, Price has little interest in teachers because they do not make a decision what goes on in the schools. Who does make a decision policy? A tiny clique, generally professors with a Ph.D. in Education, make all the decisions. Ever since the time of John Dewey, these education commissars have been far-left and fast to engage in indoctrination and politics.

“I attempt to be very cautious,” Cost explains, “to make clear to teachers that I’m by no means discussing them. I am speaking only about the prime-level people, what I get in touch with the Education Establishment. The shocking issue is that a lot of teachers in fact appear to feel they are portion of this Establishment. A teller at a bank would by no means feel he is portion of the Banking Establishment. You do not see this sort of confusion in most components of life. Labor and management are typically at each others’ throats.”

Price tag continues: “But our Education Establishment makes all future teachers attend a college of education for two years and that is apparently exactly where the teachers are brainwashed into thinking they have the same interests as the Education Establishment. They are told that any attack on an education policy is somehow a direct individual attack on the teacher. Which is completely absurd. But you can see how it serves the interests of the Education Establishment.”

Cost suggests that teachers Google “31: Teacher Liberation Front” for a fuller explanation of what may really be ideal for teachers.

As for parents and citizens normally, Price urges every person to understand why so significantly of modern day education is a scam. Entire Word does not teach children to study. New Math and Reform Math don’t teach youngsters to do arithmetic. Constructivism is not a good way to teach children fundamental information.

“The much more you know about education,” Price tag comments, “the much less you will trust the judgment of the individuals in charge.”