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tags In the knowledge economy, info society, which the country “10 000 college, 1 book” of course system, “folks side” of the culture methods, have been unable to meet the demands of social development, as higher college education is nearly universal, from only a few people-oriented elitism education into public education for all students, high college education, the purpose and mission is not just delivery of qualified students for university. When high school graduates continue their research, may possibly also straight to the community, the high college students steadily into the “life planning” capabilities, career awareness and entrepreneurship education, a new round of curriculum reform of standard education is in this background drove a new era under the stage, in the lengthy run, this round of high college curriculum reform of classic higher college model has a “beating” of the impact.

The end of the century, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council to “deepen the reform, advertising quality education”, from “new curriculum” to commence on full swing, whose aim is to develop in the 21st century and meet the needs of top quality education from simple education curriculum. Is implementing the “new standard education curriculum reform”, is the biggest given that the founding of reform, the most far-reaching effect of an educational change, then the new curriculum requirements on the instrument configuration have greater needs, whether or not from Computer software To speed up the examination-oriented education to the typical hardware good quality education adjust? What sort of teaching gear up to the height to promote the “new curriculum” the smooth implementation? When the State introduced new teaching gear requirements? Grow to be a concentrate of public consideration.

Wang Fu: Hanwang teaching handwriting to bring wireless innovation system
2009 With the productive conclusion of the Olympic Games has attracted worldwide interest, all kinds of schools at all levels in education and equipment will go to a new level, and the competent authorities of Beijing will further boost its investment in education efforts equipped with gear to enhance the level of college education. 2 April 2009 Beijing Education Equipment Exhibition Haidian Exhibition Hall in Beijing as scheduled, at this exhibition, Hanwang education industry division dressed, and held a “hand-written wireless Hanwang Multimedia Classroom Remedy “conference, Institute for Fu-director of the Ministry of Education teaching instrument, the National College Computer Education Analysis Center (Beijing Section) Zhong Wang, director of education, Education Manager of Intel China, Mr. Jiang Tao region are all handwriting wireless multimedia educational options Hanwang the program was fully affirmed.

Ministry of Education, Institute for Fu-teaching instrument of “handwritten wireless Hanwang Multimedia Solutions “conference speech

Hanwang handwriting wireless multimedia classroom options are several years of R &amp D capabilities Hanwang set for launch of interactive teaching education sector solutions, a basic resolution to the multimedia instruction in the input and interaction issues, the teacher from the ” chalkboard + chalk “in the classic teaching approaches to extricate significantly enhanced the teaching interaction.

Lot of teachers on hand wireless Hanwang Multimedia Options to create interest in photo booth Hanwang

Ministry of Education, Institute of Wang Fu-teaching instrument that: “about the new curriculum reform, now equipped with new gear to a new stage. I am seriously Hanwang this all round system, our teaching and our teaching, with such new items, so that teaching effectiveness, teaching space, enhance efficiency, I feel this is a path for our future development. wireless, passive, teachers holding a Notebook Can stroll in the classroom, you can create on, painting, marking, which we dare not think about the previous, these days we are effective, and hope that our extensive teacher education and gear that we ought to pay interest to the matter sector. Good to use it, promote it, in the application and promotion method, which lack expertise, timely feedback, enhance, and then increase, so that our re-development, education is quite good. We encourage much more firms to bring innovative teaching model. “