Educating Our Youth


At a current meeting of the Future Enterprise Leaders of America Advisory Council, I heard some exciting, or need to I say, disturbing comments. At least they have been to me. We have been discussing the require for a new plan in higher college education titled “Business Operations Support and Assistant Solutions. This plan focused particularly on workplace help employees (or, using their words, phone operator, order clerks, file clerks and receptionists). Now I ask you, when did you last hear of a job title Telephone Operator?

As the discussion progressed, it became evident that this proposed new system was virtually identical to a single presently titled “Enterprise Management and Administrative Solutions.” When asked about the redundancy, we were told that this was what the business community perceived as a want. Further discussion led me to believe that this new program would be lowering, not raising, the bar set for help staff. Is this just an additional method of justifying lower wages, or is it honestly meeting the requirements of the business community?

We went on to go over what incentives could be provided to encourage students to take this proposed new educational program. My query (along with numerous other folks in the area) was this: Given that when do we really feel the need to have to incentivize studying? Should that not be a aim unto itself? Ought to our students of nowadays not aspire to graduate being job prepared? Post-secondary education has become financially out of reach to an rising quantity of households, and graduating students in the close to future will face an ever-increasing need to have to find employment.

The challenge of parents

Parents of today face the challenge of really being parents to their kids. A great portion of the youth of right now are placed in K-12 schools with the expectation that the faculty will become not only teachers, but parents, profession counselors, and yes, even babysitters. If we placed much more importance on the parents teaching standard principles and values to their young children, would they not have a much better chance of success once they enter the real globe? The planet of earning a living of becoming productive members of society of acceptance of responsibility.

Incentivized studying is somewhat disturbing (at least to me), when pondering the future of our nation and our planet. Aspiration to greater heights ought to be ingrained into our children from the day they are born. These aspired-to heights are attainable only by way of education and tough work – not incentives. As a result, the aim is to find out as significantly as possible to prepare themselves for the road ahead. Our new president is a ideal instance of what can be achieved. Not once have I heard President Obama speak of becoming presented incentives to continue his education to reach his objectives.

When did we grow to be a nation of entitlements? A nation of people who firmly believe that somebody else will take care of us if we can’t or will not. I am self-employed, and that part has not been an effortless a single. It has come with adversity, challenges and a lot of a lot of, a lot of hours of perform. I neither anticipate, nor will I ask, somebody else to bail me out. It is my responsibility to either make it or not, and the blame rests only with me if I am not profitable.

Time to get back to basics

Did that thought of function ethic come to me via osmosis? Completely not! My parents began out as poor, tough-functioning Kansas farmers. They knew the value of a dollar and the operate it took to make that dollar. And, they had been not ever shy when teaching me those same principles.

Let’s get back to the standard principles that produced this nation fantastic. Let’s accept duty not only for ourselves, but for our young children. Teach them that they are getting provided the opportunity for an education that numerous on this planet can only dream of. It is up to them to make the most of it. And no, they will not get a gold star if they never reside up to expectations. There will be no incentives, awards, or pats on the back for accepting the challenge to be all you that can be.

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