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tags With the construction of network method in-depth, face the needs of network data, network data development, East China Normal University administrators require to use a convenient and strong network Management Application . By way of trial and network management staff compared with similar items, East China Typical University bought the North Tower Network Operation Management Method BTNM to assist administrators manage their networks.

Background With the construction of network technique in depth, the face of the demand for network info, network data development, East China Standard University administrators want to use a practical and powerful network management software program. By way of trial and network management staff compared with equivalent items, East China Normal University bought the North Tower Network Operation Management System BTNM to aid administrators handle their networks.

Order to attain the comfort of network management, network operation and upkeep, North Tower, on East China Normal University management program Campus Network Management significant from fault management, resource management and management of these three elements of the report. Soon after the implementation of BTNM, East China Standard network management technique for network fault diagnosis and fast fault place and automatic recovery method by means of the system’s normal operation, the entire process is extremely basic, in huge component to minimize the network management personnel burden. In resource management, East China Normal University’s network management employees in addition to real-time network operation concerned Value Circumstances, it also hopes the network in operation soon after a full and detailed analysis in order to make an accurate estimate of network usage trends. In addition, BTNM combined windows2000 IIS platform, enabling authorized customers to browse the network at any location failure log, dial-up audit logs, network analysis, application analysis, so that management more handy.

User network environment evaluation East China Normal University not only desires to maintain its campus network Info Building a reputation for excellence in the field, but also appear forward to making use of sophisticated technology and management concept in the complete network data real-time monitoring of network sources and overall management, drastically escalating the current level of management to grow to be the education market IT A single of the leading management innovations. Info center for the East China Standard University, this goal can be subdivided into the following aspects of the job:

(1) network failures before the occasion

As the bearer of the East China Typical University’s IT infrastructure and company systems, network platforms demands the library method for the campus network, multimedia teaching management system, information sources and service system, educational management technique, monetary management technique, personnel management systems E-learning systems and Economic Card technique and other enterprise information systems to give continuous and reputable network access solutions. School Information Center is also attached wonderful significance to the growing threat of failure and security dangers (including worms, viruses and hackers) network platform for the steady operation of the effect. Therefore, to help the East China Normal University to achieve the purpose of management innovation, a key aspect in the network is to find out prospective issues and safety risks in order to stop possible attacks ahead of time and uncommon events, to eliminate viruses and worms, vulnerabilities arising from and potential risks.

(B) Emergency Emergency Management IT systems management capabilities to face emergency management system embodies the anti-threat level. Network systems are faced with all types of emergencies, how to automatic notification of events, how to integrate events with alarm correlation analysis, automatically begins the suitable recovery mechanism, and occasion linkage mechanism to bring the company systems network fault to decrease the losses, is the center of East China Typical operation and maintenance of details operate faces an additional challenge.

(C) all round management of heterogeneous platforms

In the East China Typical University ahead of the network construction, has been equipped for the data center and NortelDeviceManager CiscoWorks management computer software and other equipment makers.