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tags Do not believe the brand name of “Eagle Bathroom , “The Eagle sanitary production of sanitary items only in truth, Eagle bathroom sanitary items to make certain excellent top quality at the exact same time, has been working to develop new goods. So far, Eagle has launched a well being sanitary ceramics, bath products, shower merchandise and major products, pendant merchandise, bathroom cabinet items, many sorts of bathroom products, with impeccable high quality, exquisite decoration for the several households live.

Eagle bathroom? Ware merchandise Zhi Jie
antimicrobial enamel. Eagle sanitary products are special antimicrobial Chilean domestic cleaning glazing technologies, sanitary surface anti-bacterial and Chi Kit Combo powerful layer of protection, antimicrobial metal ions can break up the cell membrane, sustained suppression of harmful bacteria, antibacterial properties by country Environmental protection Certification authorities visible high density crystalline glaze, finish, and intellectual capacity far exceeds the classic cleaning items, effective production and dirt to avert plaque accumulation, less difficult to clean!

Water ahead. Eagle bathroom location in the bath water initial received national certification, the 2009 New “like? Korea,” the water level reached the 4.5/3.0L, newly published “Karma gamma” even reached the Super Day four.five/2.9L water level, so that the actual water!

Dirt green. Eagle bathroom sanitary ware goods use a unique splash pollution technology, the pollution is significantly less than the diameter of physique splashes of national requirements of 5 mm river water exchange design and water seal back to technologies, powerful prevention of sewage pollution.

Powerful momentum. Eagle bathroom ware products in addition to water, it also maintained a powerful momentum, its exclusive business-leading jet siphon suction technology, clean and quiet they dash, flush the final results had been higher than the national standard!

Slow down cover plate and cover urea. Eagle Sanitary Ware Cover merchandise are manufactured making use of urea formaldehyde, the look of luxury and generous, the common texture of the surface of ceramics, high hardness, durable, simple to scratch the physique. Combined with the slow fall flat, open and close to land as soft as feathers, decrease noise, but also to steer clear of a sudden drop cover damage brought on by the human body.

Eagle bathroom? Bathroom cabinet Items Straightforward and sensible. Bathroom cabinet bathroom merchandise eagle compact fashionable design, to provide users with the most considerate of the facilities, appreciate the bathroom space.

Well-known accessories. Eagle bathroom bathroom cabinet and famous products of higher quality substrates Hardware Accessories strict method, waterproof high-efficiency, to ensure durability.

Environmental wellness. Eagle bathroom cabinet bathroom items with environmentally friendly paint processing, permitting customers to really feel at ease, health is guaranteed.

High quality silver mirror. Eagle bathroom mirror bathroom cabinet silver mercury layer effortless to fall off, according to video without distortion, corrosion resistance, climate resistance.

Simple to set up. Eagle bathroom bathroom cabinet has a rigorous scientific design, installation and maintenance straightforward to install and use the price savings.

Eagle bathroom? Top merchandise Environmental wellness. Eagle bathroom major item selection of top quality low-lead copper, bulk gravity Casting And through the high-tech “washing of lead” remedy, prevent additional pollution of water, to make sure health.

Quality spool. Eagle bathroom items use the leading sector-top brand, Spain and Hungary Kerox Carlos Sedal track cartridge, switch feel smooth, fluid, effective to avoid the leak, guarantee product top quality. Spool has been certified by ACS in Europe, to guarantee that the parts in make contact with with water is not released does not include any dangerous elements, and therefore a longer solution life, feel a lot more comfortable.

Nuanced. Eagle bathroom each detail of the product concerned, the major configuration of international major brands?? Switzerland Neoperl Niupo foaming device high quality, outstanding selection of sturdy, made to effectively filter all sorts of sediment, the water-shaped appearance, permitting users to genuinely really feel comfy with the water close. Zhuhai Eagle bathroom, and much more on-site testing of water solutions, sincere clients to appreciate a lot more realistic eagle sanitary top quality of experience top non-general.

Two block valve. Eagle bathroom has usually advocated environmental protection, on the element of the solution is a two block valve, so that either need to have to pick the flow according to the actual size, it can simply accomplish effective water conservation.

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