Dunwell Group Created ten Tons Of Premix When Industrialization Demonstration Base Built – Premix

tags 3 18 At 9 a.m. national “Eleventh 5-Year” science and technologies assistance project?? Dunwell Feed Technology Co., Ltd. premix industrialization demonstration project ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new base, in the passion of higher-spirited music started. As the national “Eleventh Five-Year” scientific and technological projects, the celebrations had been all levels of leadership and industry interest and care. Nationwide Animal Husbandry Station owners, Valley of China Feed Industry Association, the Secretary-General succession, Jiangsu Province, the Secretary of Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Jiangsu Province, the Secretary-Basic Song Xiaochun Feed Sector Association, Jiangsu Province, deputy director of animal overall health supervision Yanjing Ping, Jiangsu Province Green Meals Office Shao, deputy director of Equality for nearly 200 business guests and organization representatives attended the ceremony, the celebration organized by Dunwell Feed Technologies Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Luo Congyan more than. Jiang Su Zhengchang

festival 1st by chairman Mr Hao Bo, thank you for the leadership and the arrival of guests, and highlights the technical qualities of premix production base and a model. National Animal Husbandry webmaster Valley succession then delivered a speech on the Dunwell feed organizations spoke extremely of, he stated: green feed additives in China and the globe has a broad space for development, nations are Dunwell Group effectively completed “ten January 5 “scientific and technological project (capacity ten tons of premix when industrialization demonstration project), will additional market green feed additives in animal feed to promote and use, and appear forward to Dunwell Group Division to seize possibilities, meet challenges, China’s feed Industrial and writing a chapter.

After the ceremony, all the leaders and industry entrepreneurs in the Dunwell Group President Hao Bo, accompanied by Vice President Lvshun Kai, visited the Dunwell Group showrooms. In the course of the wave to the guests, President Hao described in detail Dunwell Group independent R &amp D manufacture of feed pellet mill, grinder, and mixer in technical innovation and superiority. Ultimately, Google Chairman proposed: Enterprise need to be more investments in technology, boost independent innovation capability in innovation and improvement.

Learned, Dunwell Feed Technology Co., Ltd. as the national “Eleventh 5-Year” science and technologies help projects with a total investment 50 million yuan, covers an location of a lot more than 2000?, Building area of 19000?, Operational capacity to 20,000 tons the year right after . In the procedure, the use of clover roots stress delivery method and the European Fo Boge hybrid technologies, to ensure no cross-contamination, no residue, dust control sealed, dust concentrations of lead level and further promote China’s premix manufacturing processes to secure , health, nutrition path. At the same time, Dunwell Engineering Co., Ltd. sets, as the project’s construction side, in order to meet the domestic premix customers in the domestic basis of existing premix production procedure, the reference to international advanced premix production process, premix specially created specialized gear and technology, its arrangement is reasonable, power saving, security advantage of larger domestic and foreign customers alike.