Drones-sappers showed their skills at the annual Robot Rodeo

Drones-sappers showed their skills at the annual Robot Rodeo

Last week, the best military and civil engineers met in the New Mexico desert as part of the annual Robot Rodeo. The event, a week of intensive training, was organized by one of the departments of the US Department of Energy.

The main goal of Robot Rodeo is to test the skills of sappers equipped with special robots. In particular, with their help it was necessary to inspect downed planes and areas of the terrain exposed to radioactive contamination.

So, the “script” of one of the exercises was borrowed from the plot of the film “Red Dawn” in 1984, where American teenagers are fighting against soldiers of the Soviet Army during the Third World War. Several competing robots had to penetrate into the downed F-4 fighter and take out a black box and secret electronics to understand the intentions of the potential enemy. Another exercise involved the joint action of several detachments of sappers to detect an underground source of radiation leakage.

According to Jake Duel, coordinator of Robot Rodeo, in the competition usually participate from 10 to 12 teams, which must submit the algorithms of their actions. According to the conditions of Robot Rodeo, the exercise is given 90 minutes.


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