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Dripping Printing Pulp and its essence is plasticized PVC paste, PVC paste resin is suspended in a liquid plasticizer in the fluid mixture. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin by definition is primarily made of such resin paste the application kind, men and women frequently referred to as the plasticized paste paste such as polyvinyl chloride paste resin production approach is different in nature have also been differences, PVC production process are: emulsion, seed emulsion, micro-suspension, micro-suspension and mixing the seed law.

Emulsion PVC resin fine particles, its size among .two ~ 2 m. It is mixed with the plasticizer which when suspended in the form related to the mushy dispersion, so known as emulsion resin paste as emulsifying resin or powder. Formosa Plastics Corporation PR415, PR1069, such as the United States GOOdRich121 or created in China chemical plant in Tianjin can use PVC grades for the P-415, P-440, P-445, 450,460,510,550,1069 had been seeded emulsion paste resin. Shanghai Tianyuan Chemical Plant created by seed emulsion PVC paste resin grades are P-440, 415,445,450,460,510,550,1069. Shenyang Chemical Plant trademark has PSH-10, 20,31, etc..

Presently, about 75% of PVC by the suspension system, so the resin is in the procurement of printing firms need to clearly ask what technique is used for production, due to the fact the PVC paste resin and the resin suspension is various, and after acquire PVC resin paste suspension when the approach is relatively complex, PVC paste resin of the most prominent function: its secondary particles, the plasticizer can be “collapsed” decreased to a particle, can be made steady by plastic paste. The coarse particles of suspension PVC resin, plasticizer at space temperature situations, and can not be mixed into a paste, paste process needs the use of red, red paste approach is the method: 1st, a modest quantity of suspension PVC resin with a little amount of growth plasticizer mixture, then add a large number of pre-heated to a temperature of hot plasticizer, the plasticizer added rapidly although stirring by thick paste. When cooled paste resin and other according to formula with added agent, stirring the paste into the needed compound. Soft PVC plasticizer is in the greatest influence on the mechanical properties of plastic additives, resin molecules are really robust Fant Ward combined force, the function of plasticizer in this Energy of so weakened, so that the activities of molecules with every other a lot more easily, the nature of PVC completed mainly determined by the plasticizer, the plasticizer can be given different kinds of resins with various traits, whether it is “the Lord” or ‘secondary’ plasticizer mixed in distinct proportions, can be brought on by the preferred result. Consequently, the choice of plasticizer of PVC paste processing application is quite essential. Therefore, the formula might be straightforward plastic drop printing paste can be difficult.

Plastic drop printing paste of the preparation approach The most hassle-free approach of preparation
Are some examples: PVC paste resin, 50 ~ 60g Plasticizer (dioctyl phthalate) 40 ~ 50g

Preparation strategy: to weigh a very good plasticizer solution into the container, beginning mixer combined with powdered resin, while stirring, medium-speed stirring, to avoid higher heat to make paste and stir for about 1 hour or so, because the plasticized agents when blended with PVC, PVC plasticizers will also wet latex, colloidal particles to penetrate slowly, so as to kind a liquid mixture of good if time is also quick not to infiltrate plasticizer powder Internally, particles have not been opened, this time to the printing pattern difficult to reach the needed height, Additionally, the poor commit slurry rheology, printing profile will be unclear. Will usually beating its pulp for 12 hours right after printing out with much better results.