Down Raw Materials: Household Electrical Appliance Enterprises “queer”


Recently, the raw materials continued to decline, but it so good

Property Appliances Enterprises are Lebuqilai, simply because household appliances enterprises to raw material down into “great”, there are 3 queries deal with them is much more difficult: one produced earlier by the raw supplies into products, how to deal with Second, agents are to the end of the year do not purchase due to the fact the makers appear forward to lower and reduced, this material continued to decline, led agents hold out state of mind how to solve issues Third, the coming year’s advertising approach for how to set it? If the raw components continued to drop or a sudden bounce, so how to set prices? How charges ought to the industry enable?

These unknown factors, so that household electrical appliance enterprises are much more painful?

It is understood that the decrease rates of steel and nonferrous metals, metal as the main raw material does give the house electrical appliance industries to decrease the expense of space, a property appliance chain retailer responsible particular person mentioned, impacted by the cost of raw materials, refrigerators, washing machines,

Air conditioning And kitchen appliances most likely to be 20% to 30% reduction of space, such as

Television , Mobile , Computers and consumer electronics goods, value reduce, it will not fall beneath 15%. Even so appliances employed by enterprises is typically ahead of the procurement of raw materials, its price trend reflected in prices of finish products, there will be a transition period. As a result, the current inventory of appliance merchandise, almost all items produced during the high price of raw components, inventory, if they can not quickly digested by the industry for capital return, household electrical appliance enterprises can not enjoy the decrease rates of raw components caused by the current cost advantage . For the above, the brief term costs will not be capable loose (some household electrical appliances in the present industry value cuts are to take element of the cost reduction technique, and the original high-margin products, lower costs). But some agents are Buyiburao, household electrical appliance enterprises are clamoring for reduced prices, even without buying the hostage, leading to today’s customer electronics industry, in contrast to the peak season, a lot more time do not get the industry going up, but Price on Game of life and death to the producers.

Second, the face of raw components continued to decline, not only to bring home appliance company is a difficult test, much more is to make a lot of property appliances enterprise selection-makers can really feel difficult. 1st, China’s home appliance business has not encountered this phenomenon, for a lot of household appliances enterprises, who used the method of product rates, or have studied competitive pricing technique, and competitive pricing strategy, agents will meet and welcome, because This is a tool for agencies to seize the market place. But the upstream raw components, the impact of modifications in decline, it is, “Johnson spent the bride?? Very first time”, in this case, the household electrical appliance enterprises will present a number of issues, or falling rates did not fall, did not fall in case competitors down to seize the market place how. But the market place seems as a household electrical appliance enterprises to cut costs in a competitive behavior, this might be carried out following the detonation of the whole appliance market, with a price cut Second, the face of monetary crisis, decrease consumer demand, the a variety of appliance brands do not in cake, but cake to prepare for the rush, if competitors drop out when the time will be extremely passive, but then reluctantly cut prices, resulting from the passive function, will give a fatal blow to enterprise sales Third, prices are really falling down, that early or not making it up, stock agents, such as the makeup is a lot to the expense of inputs.

In addition, close to the finish, it has to take into account in the coming year’s advertising method, which is the same as product pricing, raw material costs in this situation is unknown, how to set costs, set costs high and influence sales, the coming year is a blind alley item priced reduced, affecting profitability in the coming year is a dead end. How do? Zhe Shirang a lot of household electrical appliance enterprises concerned about 1 factor, subsequent year’s macro-environment, customer value sensitivity for the much more obvious, so in item pricing, delays in decision and policy makers broken the appliance enterprise brains. Meanwhile, near the finish of the year, the sales of household electrical appliance enterprises are in the recovery tasks, but the agents there are doubts, one particular finish of the year now, firms are scheduled to subsequent year’s advertising program, if the current month-to-month Yahuo, if the coming year, the value reduction was how run second day of a raw material rates, and now only “see food to eat, much less to do much more than wait and see orders” Third, the original came in high value items, producers will not be generating it up. In this scenario, the connection between companies and dealers will be really subtle makers in order to full the activity, will demand agents Yahuo, agents look at a cost of raw materials each and every day will undoubtedly hold out, so makers make among great Game. Meanwhile, reduced customer demand, the company has not previously carried out so properly because, also impact the relationship between makers. The phenomenon of the future unknown, it is placed in among the significant appliance manufacturers resolve a tough problem. So the decline of raw components for house appliances business, was rather “Queer” feeling!