How DOI can benefit your journal paper

Introducing Digital Object Identifier DOI® to the management of your content and assets can bring you a number of benefits.

1. DOI increases IF at least by 30%.2. DOI at least increases the real rank of the universities in the international ranking. Broken links are always the main reasons for the failure in scientometrics.

2. DOI is the only way to solve the problem of broken links. In fact, DOI is the finger print of your article or online text. DOI means connecting to millions of other scientific links in the world

3. Easier to collaborate and maximise the value of your article content by sharing with others.

4. Easier to track your articles with multiple output formats.

5. The permanence and persistence of DOIs means that your articles are always tracked and information about them is easy to find, by you and by your users and third parties.

6. DOI, as a permanent link, can control all citations and views of the article, and prevent missing them.

7. DOI directs more traffic toward articles.

8. To absorb CITEDBY in the references, DOI is necessary.