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tags Not too long ago, the International Food Packaging Association published the “2010 China best ten worries of meals products packaging sector,” UF compartment tray top the well-known list.

HC meals industry network Recently, the International Food Packaging Association published the “2010 China leading ten worries of food products packaging market,” UF compartment tray top the well-liked list. International Meals Packaging Association Executive Vice President and Secretary Common Professor Dong Jinshi reporter’s interview, pointed out that customers use tableware made of melamine resin is safe, but some unscrupulous companies to add in the production approach of urea-formaldehyde possible security hazard resin, and merchandise Print Food style to mislead customers, it is simple to use approach in the human health hazard.

Pseudo melamine tableware produced most use of urea-formaldehyde resin
Reporter learned by way of market place research, a lot of retailers will now melamine tableware and mixed-placed urea compartment tray Sell If we do not appear at the bottom of a tiny label plate, it is tough to see these two sorts of merchandise are used for food and non-meals distinction. Even though some urea compartment tray labeled “typical temperature use, not when the dishes”, “non-meals use” and other information, but usually not the shoppers interest, shoppers are typically utilised for holding food.

Director, stated the Golden Lion, by the finish of 2008, received the International Association of Consumer Food Packaging reports, numerous from the Beijing industry to get melamine tableware and sent to state Detector Structure, in accordance with the Ministry of Well being and the Standardization Administration of China issued the “meals containers, packaging components Melamine – Formaldehyde moldings overall health standards “and” melamine tableware “relevant specifications for testing, the results have been shocking, melamine products, all of this that made use of melamine formaldehyde resin, but only a handful of firms generate goods for melamine items, other merchandise are added or all of the use of urea-formaldehyde resin.

Melamine tableware, also recognized as melamine tableware, melamine resin, also known as melamine formaldehyde resin, melamine and formaldehyde by polymerization. Melamine tableware is not simple due to the fact of its fragmentation, numerous types, colorful and are extensively utilized, the AQSIQ will be integrated in the scope of marketplace access and production license. Even so, in mid-January of this year, thousands of melamine tableware in the nation of production enterprises, only 90 far more than getting the license, the proportion of only one % certified. Pseudo melamine tableware has been exposed, as nicely as Hebei Province AQSIQ, Beijing Business and Commerce, Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Safety Commission has issued a document on the melamine tableware production, sales to inventory, even the lowest pass rate less than two %. The failure of most of Melamine products, the use of urea-formaldehyde resin, resulting in the overall performance of formaldehyde or use excessive moisture resistance failure.

UF compartment can not be the costumes, food dish apparatus
2009, the State Common Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection carried out on the low-grade melamine tableware crush, but “toxic tableware Phi still sell new skin” phenomenon nonetheless exists. Melamine resin cost per ton from 13,000 to 14,000 yuan, whilst the price per ton of urea-formaldehyde resin is only about five,000 yuan. Some companies will put up the production permit the use of urea-formaldehyde resin of melamine tableware, and then put on new clothes compartment tray, melamine tableware placed next to the regular sales, and fruit merchandise such as food production dress pattern, misleading UF compartment tray buyers will be dressed as a food obtain of equipment.

In food production and supervision of the State Administration of Good quality Supervision Division editor of the “meals packaging containers tool production license tutorials?? Plastic Skilled Chapters “:” As the melamine powder in greater costs, so some makers in pursuit of profit, directly to the molding powder urea rather of melamine aldehyde type Raw material To produce tableware others aldehydes with urea as the raw material to manufacture tableware molding powder, then the outer surface of the tableware melamine powder coated. With urea-formaldehyde resin manufacturing tableware, dissolved into its chemical components in food is damaging to the human body demands to be stopped. “On this basis, utilizing urea-formaldehyde resin and covered with a layer produced of glove powder melamine plate, the production firm if a production license will not be accepted.

The Standardization Administration of China issued a “food containers, packaging components Additive Use of overall health requirements “, the urea-formaldehyde resin is not included in the permitted variety, which implies that it is not food containers and packaging material legal materials” food containers and packaging materials used melamine – formaldehyde molded Health Requirements ” also noticed that the substance can be utilised melamine tableware production.