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tags Nowadays, the “win at the starting point” to turn out to be parents to a consensus that early Education Unprecedented consideration, with such stark contrast to the trend of education is the nursery education are enormous domestic resources and Talent Gaps, each big and medium cities face different degrees of “Monk fleshy less” predicament.

“Pre-college education method is a pyramid-like base layer, and its widest audience and the quantity of students the most, at present, insufficient hardware, the lack of personnel difficulties and education, resulting in the existing domestic situation of early childhood education The prominent contradictions” , effectively-recognized education Specialist Hiroshige education Education Group CEO Huang Bo offered for the existing status of his views, “I wanted to break the shortcomings of the educational technique, to generate fair and harmonious atmosphere for early childhood education, in addition to enhance government input in terms of enhancing the hardware addition, skilled education coaching is also important, “mentioned Huang Bo additional.

The most current of a pre-survey information also confirm the yellow wave of view: the existing domestic nursery preschool teacher ratio is at the moment 1:17.eight, although the proportion in Western countries usually 1:7 to 1:ten, distinction amongst the two practically doubled at the same time, provided the massive presence of non-expert kid care teachers and the lack of kindergartens to be constructed in components of the case, can be anticipated for a very lengthy time, China’s demand for high-level professional early childhood experts will show a linear growth trend!

This, Hiroshige Education On the internet Education Group’s public service program experimental units?? Hiroshige Academy, South China Regular University opened a particular joint pre-specialist network remote certification courses to train teachers opened up a entire new way to talent.

South China Regular University is a national “211 Project” building of a single of the 100 key universities as a focus of the Typical University, by way of its “National Teachers Education Network Alliance,” the status of core members, built to serve the teachers for the objective of lifelong education, Skynet, to network, private network combined with the mixture of numerous types of education, academic education and non-academic education of teachers to communicate effectively integrated education system.

And the Cooperation The other celebration?? Hiroshige Academy (http://xueyuan.chinaedu.net), which includes pre-skilled, including South China Regular University, a total of 16 top one hundred universities well-liked professional decision for candidates. Given that the establishment of the institution, through the studying centers about the platform and 400-680-4299 telephone services in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Xuzhou, Suzhou, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Huai’an, Nantong, Lianyungang, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and Wenzhou region into the Academy set up a number of Hong Digital Finding out Demonstration Center.

It is understood that cooperation with the University Academy Hiroshige general self-enrollment, self-exam inquiries Test Who meet the fundamental studying circumstances, enrollment there will not be considerably difficulty, to eligible students, but also open admissions, most importantly, into the Academy Understanding Network in Hong take academic courses, study time can be flexibly, not delay typically function with complete-time, from tests, into the classic education model test incomparable freedom. Now, Teng Lu Hongcheng Education Group internet site (www.chinaedu.net) to participate in “09 summer time student program,” Get high enrollment charge help grants, the plan ended on September 15.

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