Differential Counters for Clinical Laboratories


Important devices for clinical laboratories, differential counters are utilised to acquire the differential count of blood cells for detecting and treating different blood borne diseases like anemia, leukemia and so on.

High-Tech Models – Reliable and Sturdy

To efficiently help the study requirements of clinical laboratories, recognized manufacturers provide premium brands of differential counters. A major brand, Unico offers the L-BC9, L-BC3 and L-BC6 models.  Integrated with user-friendly characteristics, these devices are known for their outstanding efficiency, accuracy, reliability and durability. The L-BC3 model is a manual differential counter featuring two keys, although the L-BC9 model comes with eight keys with totalizer window and the L-BC6, with 5 keys and totalizer window.

Array of Revolutionary Attributes

Differential counters facilitate investigation applications connected to andrology, pathology, hematology and microbiology, providing precise and timely benefits. The devices come with an array of innovative attributes to cater to the needs of modern clinical laboratories. They have rust-proof, alkali and acid resistant heavy duty plastic circumstances, and incorporate functions like dual reset knobs, complete white blood cell maturation strip chart and wide base with rubber feet for steady usage. Furthermore, all models come with a signal bell to supply prompt alerts when a total of 100 cells have been counted.  The equipment has a WBC maturation series Picto-strip as effectively.  Though various models of the devices have related functions, they differ noticeably in size and weight.

Evaluate Characteristics to Get High quality Devices

Established laboratory provide distributors supply a variety of brands and models of differential counters for clinical laboratories. An on the internet search would supply relevant details about trustworthy dealers. Orders for the gear can be simply placed on-line. Purchasers get the opportunity to browse the online shops and pick the proper lab appliances soon after comparing attributes, costs and warranty choices. Apart from good quality equipment at affordable costs, reputable distributors also assure post-sales support, service contracts and shipment facilities.