Different Varieties of Laboratory Shaker and Their Uses


Laboratory shaker are devices that are employed in laboratories to mix liquids. In a laboratory, there are many equipments that are utilized for different research and development projects as well as for handling and preparing of chemical compounds. So, laboratory shaker are employed for carrying out these experiments and for mixing or stirring liquid.

Mixing and stirring are really important in performing diverse types of experiments, as they act as catalyst which is utilised to promote the molecular reactions of chemical substances. How often and rapidly a laboratory shaker mixes the chemical compounds, is what determines its efficiency. There can be different sorts of shakers some could be slow in speed and some could be fast, based upon the material that wants to be mixed.

The most well-liked type of shakers that are used in a laboratory is magnetic stirrer. Laboratory shakers has been replaced by the Magnetic stirrer as it is provided with the latest and sophisticated technologies. Laboratory shakers are double walled convection units, the outer body of this is created up of thick PRPC sheet and the inner chamber is created of heavy gauge stainless steel of SS-304 grade. The gap in between these two walls is filled with high grade mineral glass wool which actually ensures maximum thermal efficiency. The shaking speed of these shakers is in between 80RPM to 400RPM.

Now if we discuss about magnetic stirrer, they are comprised of a flat base, and a energy cord. A magnetic pellet is coated with plastic so that it cannot hinder with the chemical reactions that is placed inside the container, surrounded by the medium that is to be mixed. After this, the unit is switched on which tends to make the motor to function and is ready to spin. The shaft is connected to second magnet that spins the material which is inside the mixing container. In these components coating can be completed, and this can be for reactive uses and non reactive uses.

These shaking machines can also come in heating or cooling element that somehow aids in the catalytic reaction. This procedure is specifically helpful to chemists as there are occasions when the reaction is lowered with certain temperature. There are diverse varieties of mixers some are primarily based on swirling technologies even though some come in diverse shapes and sizes. There are large platform mixers and inverting mixtures which are utilised in microbiology and several other bio technical equipments. These equipments are extremely important for a laboratory.