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tags In current years, air source Heat Pump Technologies as a security, power, Environmental protection And effective renewable Energy Vacuum technology has matured fairly a few specialists and businesses are optimistic. Training via the market place, identified as MA De-jun stated that a new generation of air supply heat pump water heater power efficiency ratio up to 1:four, assuming that 50% of the country with a heat pump water heater for the rural marketplace: a year can save about 142 billion kwh electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 36.9 million tons, sulfur dioxide emissions of 147,000 tons.

Secretary-General of the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances, household electrical appliances of China has held vice president of MA De-jun in the air supply heat pump business development Forum, said: With the deepening of the function of energy saving technologies is mature Energy-saving effect of staggering heat pump water heater is steadily coming into perspective. Unique is the most power-saving, recovery of the investment the quickest air-source heat pump (air can), water heaters, has completely happy the demands of the family’s hot water use, urban and rural residents is expected to grow to be broadly consumed power-efficient water heaters, the fourth generation.

With the sources and environmental problems grow to be more prominent, power conservation has grow to be our government’s concentrate on renewable power development and utilization has been unprecedented interest and development.

Fourth generation of air supply heat pump water heater pump water heater business is creating swiftly, moving from business applications to the typical men and women into the family members, and with the promotion efforts of the enhance, 4 occasions the energy efficiency of air supply heat pump water heaters are also for the new generation China’s contribution to the trigger of environmental protection with higher force.

About air source heat pump in the places of power conservation issues, participate in the 2009 Air Supply Heat Pump Sector Improvement Summit Forum of authorities and company representatives have commented on some of them brought their own R &amp D of new items. Zhuhai Gree At the meeting, Mr. Huang Hui, vice president of the air source heat pump status and issues, also introduced Gree’s newest merchandise such as: ultra-low temperature digital multi-joint unit and air conditioning, water heaters, their solution to break the conventional heat pump water heater is only applicable to at above the limitations of area, it can be applied to far more than -20 area, low temperature operation range widened.

MA De-jun mentioned: This new sort of solar collector device into the ground supply heat pump, air source heat pump and water source heat pump, ground supply heat pump currently applied in the north have been quite substantial, and the rise of air source heat pump from the South, the improvement of speedy variety of applications throughout the urban and rural areas. As a outcome of the reverse Carnot cycle principle, heat pump water heater’s power efficiency ratio up to 1:4, that is, a energy input can be the equivalent of 4 copies of the power of hot water, its efficiency is 4 instances the electric water heaters, oil-fired boiler of two three instances. Because you can work without also considerably direct sunlight, heat pump water heater is fairly stable, so constant and important power saving.

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