Designer engagement rings – What is the difference?


The title “designer” applied to any jewelry piece instigates concepts of high quality, exclusivity and individuality. It is even so not appropriately clarified and sometime by my opinion misused. Marketers have their tools and use them shrewdly wherever achievable. If you believe of it, the design is the initial approach of making jewelry and designer`s efforts (some more profitable than other) lay behind each and every single piece, like the low finish mass produced ones. Does that make them designer jewelry?  On the other hand what defines designer jewelry and how considerably of a deviation from an existing style, for instance classic solitaire, constitutes new one. There is no base for precise classification of design alterations and the definition of some terms often utilized in the jewelry business presented bellow is my personal.

The term Designer Jewelry should be applied to pieces representing individual style a specific designer is attempting to promote. In engagement ring field this style is generally defined by utilizing specific unusual strategy (mokume, granulation), uncommon way of setting the diamond/s, certain recognizable shape (organic , geometrical), uncommon metal alloys bringing new color or mechanical properties,  unusual surface texture and several a lot more. The frequent denominations are uncommon and recognizable. I believe that there is no need for significant modify to constitute designer engagement ring. The famous Niessing tension set ring for instance is nothing a lot more than a excessively thick comfort fit wedding band with tiny sector cut off to accommodate (clip) the diamond. It is still deemed even so as 1 of the greatest jewelry styles ever and sold by thousands every single year. At times the designers touch is hardly noticeable at very first glance especially when applied to classic primarily based rings. Tapering the prongs and rising the angle of the basket of a classic solitaire for instance, creates considerably lighter and open setting while the thicker metal at the prime provides superb safety. Such tiny change however creates really sophisticated design and style line and substantially improves the general look and security of the setting. When asked for an opinion, the consumer usually answers: “It undoubtedly looks diverse but I don`t know why”

Designer diamond engagement rings are not necessarily distinctive and are reproduced in reasonably big volumes. This tends to make them different from the studio and ones off pieces. With the studio sort jewelry, the designer is the goldsmith and gemologist, executing his / hers pieces from A to Z and when off pieces are the bulk of his/hers perform. These are nevertheless not exclusive although, given that most of them are reproducible by the exact same artist but they are undoubtedly a restricted edition. Restricted editions and when offs can be clearly separated by organic and intended.

The natural limitation is dictated by the availability or uniqueness of specific components, normally valuable stones that does not let big volumes. Extreme labor and ability needs can also be viewed as all-natural limitation. On the other hand, intended limitation is catering for customers ready to spend higher price for their jewelry, in order to preserve its uniqueness. The intended restricted editions are normally accompanied by certificate stating the total quantity of manufactured pieces, as nicely as the manufacturing procedure (handmade. cast assisted and so forth.) A number stamp on the piece, states the consecutive number opposed to the total number manufactured. For example three/10 indicates that this is the third piece out of ten achievable. What number constitutes restricted edition is arguable. My opinion is it must not be more than a dozen.