Design and Manufacturing of Pole Climbing Unmanned Fire Extinguisher


CITATION: Dhakephalkar, N., Kharote, A., & Patil, A. (2018). Design and Manufacturing of Pole Climbing Unmanned Fire Extinguisher.International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 5(4), 360-363. doi:10.21276/ijre.2018.5.4.4

Author(s): 1Neeraj Dhakephalkar,1Anirudha Kharote,1Amrutsingh J. Patil

Affiliation(s)1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering, Pune, India

Abstract: May it be the destruction of Jerusalem temple in 587BC or the infamous disaster in a mall in the Philippines in December 2017, a fire was the major culprit. Fire is one of the most severe and frequent disasters faced by the mankind especially in the machine age. Our project focuses on extinguishing such city fires with the help of a specially designed robot. The proposed robot would climb up a pole which can easily be constructed with minimal expenditures and efforts during or after the construction of the building. The robot being able to climb pole, would be able to traverse upwards, no matter at what height the fire is set. This versatility would eliminate the problems posed due to insufficiently long ladders (100 feet maximum) with the firefighting department. The robot is also equipped with a motor controlled nuzzling arrangement which will allow spraying the water jet in all possible directions. Such use of technology also safeguards the lives of firefighters which in conventional methods are put in danger. The robot will be equipped with a camera at the top which would enable the controller to judge the intensity and severity of the fire. The robot can be wirelessly controlled using radio controlled device which can control the locomotion of robot, direction control of water jet and an LCD which can display the camera sight.

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