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tags ]. II style: In the prior lessons, students discovered word processing Computer software WPS, Word and WPS function fundamentally the identical interface and commands are extremely similar, with WPS as a basis for students to find out a lot Word is reasonably simple. This lesson Teaching material Also arranged for detailed activities and particulars of the workouts, students self-understanding supplies effortlessly. Even so, a lack of middle school students understand self-initiative and self-regulating, if can give them a much more versatile space and freedom, will help them a lot more completely demonstrate the outcomes of independent study, which will function to encourage them to make a lot more character to the student from the passive acceptance of understanding into the main study, the capacity to develop students details and teaching will be IT and the organic integration of language subjects.

3 teaching objectives: 1, expertise and abilities objectives: require students to realize the part and significance of writing in Word, so that students are interested in publishing the report to modify

2, procedure and approach objectives: students are able to operate by means of self-finding out and inquiry, as a group to edit the material into a Electronic Tabloid

three, emotional attitude and values: the students edit the e-tabloids in the method of integration of his aesthetic tips which students Cooperation Spirit and to resolve practical problems.

Four, teaching focus: integrated use of student e-tabloid editor layout abilities.
Teaching Difficulties: format bar button with the menu and make adjustments and modifications of the paragraph.

five, teaching preparation: multimedia network classroom, student machines, associated material.
Six design concepts: 1, the idea of academic integration
This course integrates language, data technology, the two disciplines, simultaneously spend consideration to the topic knowledge of info technology education qualities, to a specific extent, stressed the guidance of teachers, the function of inspiration and organization.

2, changing the way students find out
Below the guidance of the new curriculum suggestions, understanding from passive finding out to active learning is enjoyable, and by means of a variety of finding out methods (such as independent studying, collaborative learning, self innovation, use of network, etc.), in order to obtain data, order info, method info, to master Computer The purpose operating capacity.

three, the integration of context and activity-driven
Task-driven constructivist teaching is based on the theory of teaching. It calls for “mission” objectives and the creation of teaching predicament, students with a actual mission to discover and learn, and usually in the context of actively accept the task of learning new understanding.

4, in the encounter of understanding experience
Also independent understanding, self-exploration of space and time. To discover the encounter of failure and accomplishment encounter, in the failure to find the difficulty, to enable students to experience the lessons of failure in summing up the profitable experience for students to experience joy.

five, the implementation of individualized

Teaching should take into account person student variations, all the students, so that each and every student in the teaching activities are given the individual’s development, differential treatment of diverse objects.