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tags Hot sun, “off” the last ray of the spring breeze. Summer time, and indoor atmosphere as seasonal clothing as required to take away the thick past. In truth, only some little adjustments at house, Property Atmosphere can turn out to be clean and refreshing. So by the details of how to approach the area, “cool” it? Life Xiaobian specific for your home this summer’s most comprehensive “refreshing” the home of data, allowing you to very easily modify into a lovely property to the love of the “summer time” !

Increasingly well-liked in the nation right now, the wind, our Bathroom Space requirements into the graceful garden color, the kind of straightforward, not carved till the feeling of relaxation for the physique.

Garden-style bathroom is a larger space, signs characteristic is utilised as wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, fabrics and other natural components, such as the parapet wall board, ceiling, wooden beams, will be added to the bath a warm, personal comfort. How a basic layout, can accomplish a bathroom full of pastoral taste it?

Pastoral style bathroom

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Rural sanitary articles tenderness

Bright sunshine to warm every corner of life

This bathroom really feel the most prominent is the transparent atmosphere of the sun. The use of a big quantity of wooden materials and plants an successful combination, as effectively as a wide interior space and great lighting, sanitary atmosphere for the entire family members exudes a sturdy flavor and the wild nation style.

Wooden basin tops, partition walls, square mirrors, pedals and plain easy bathtub shelves, offers a good impression modeling straightforward and practical wares, not the least bit out of date really feel, on the contrary, in the context of naive , gives a complete impression of affinity. And the rounded lines, carrying a bamboo basket bath brush, the far more individuals really feel that the simplicity of this office bathroom.

Style points

Where this space is not crucial Decoration , But the bathroom itself with such circumstances of space: it must be facing south, and far more open in front to ensure that there are a lot of sunshine all through the year could enter the room.

All-transparent glass bathroom walls and windows, transparent crystal. An easier access to the sun area, two also produced a broader point of view. Grey with blue brick with a plain paved with antique-style floor, look organic and rustic charm.

Reference practice

Basin select the most basic white porcelain texture, Jishi Duo, musician has a comparable style, about the value of 3,000 yuan tile true option Eagle Stone Baroque Series, 220 yuan per square meter bath seat U.S. can decide on the subject, combined to invest a million, plus decorative wood and rattan baskets and other decorations, the cost of the complete bathroom is 3 million.


Although the wooden table with the partition wall echoes, to far better reflect the rural flavor, but because the position demands frequent washing with water, in order to stop deformation, on the table covered with a layer of the very same area of the glass, not cover wood texture, you can also simply washed.