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tags Marketing Comprehensive network spreads Higher mountains far from the presence in China, beginning from the establishment of 170 square meters of office, and these days much more than five,000 square meters of production office space only from the initial Shanghai office, to have in Beijing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Chongqing, Shenzhen and established six branches in Wuhan, a high mountain road ahead, all the way leaving aside marketing and advertising network. China attaches wonderful importance to the high mountains on the group Management , Employee training and corporate brand building. There is a Chinese idiom referred to as Vivid, for enterprise, team management is the type, brand is God, and personnel training and spirit sucked a bridge hyperlink.

Team management is the shape Today’s higher mountains is a big family members consisting of far more than one hundred workers. Institution of the organization are constantly adjusted and improved, in addition to 6 Sell Branches and in Shanghai’s administrative, technical organizations, of higher mountains of China in 2003 also established a non-regular Tools Production plant, from a genuine production, processing and trade into an integrated enterprise. Higher mountains of China’s team management is the core concept of ” Cooperation “And the” loved ones sense of belonging. “Each teams are in first-line sales, or administrative, technical and other help group behind the high mountains of China is a strong advocate of” cooperation “and demand for the departments in a timely manner by telephone, e-mail , interviews and other forms of communication deal with the difficulty, full the order, to achieve the ultimate objective. higher mountains of China launched a series of activities to improve their sense of belonging, of which we are familiar LIFE training. all personnel to participate via three stages of purpose setting, tracking and concluded, from selected LIFE superb case for everybody to discover.

Brand is God Brand enterprises is essential to the survival and development. CIMT 2009 year marks the Beijing held early in 1995 as the initial joined the high mountains of China unknown tool on the tool supplier for the initial time exhibitors. Right after a lapse of 14 years, the mountain has turn out to be the sector known to everyone, take pleasure in the “King Milling,” reputation of the machining resolution providers. This year the market leader’s stance appeared CIMT event, vibrant colors stand layout with full rigid cutting tools, attracted many expert stop watch. At the identical time let stand a higher mountain to those who really feel a robust sense of belonging, which is a high mountain has been advocating the brand notion: a client a trusted strategic partner, this brand notion is God, has turn out to be an invisible efforts to market the high mountains and struggling to each and every employee. With a brief 15 years, from unknown to popular, higher mountains and stroll the road of China’s brand challenging, but also go with amazing speed.

Personnel instruction is a bridge The competitiveness of enterprises, goods, competition, technology, competitors, and numerous other “competition” in the final analysis are the talent competition. In the presence of higher mountains of China’s 15 years, producing an exceptional employees, which also emerged that a massive quantity of talented folks, they take concrete action to fulfill the higher mountains of LIFE cultures: a tiny progress each person is the company a large step forward. The higher mountains of China’s sales group is a nicely-trained group, when the firm introduced new products, these sales engineers will obtain rigorous education and testing. Not “not positive of the battle!” This is a higher mountain sales team firmly believe that the slogan.

Create a particular era legend

2009 a Year of the sudden individuals Economic Worried about the crisis when the high mountains and Basic Manager Mr. Jiang Wende tool is just the opposite, optimistic, constructive attitude appear forward to the “crises” “chance,” the coexistence of the circumstance can be described as Huge Chill Ji Zhi, Mao is also identified Handicapped. Specific period of the financial crisis, high mountains and tools can not be spared, how a lot of have also been some impact, but high mountains and broad enterprise structure in China, involving aerospace, wind power, railways, Building Machinery And other industries. Despite the fact that the general economic downturn, some industries still show a rapid development possibilities. Firmly grasp the initial half of Hill yet another job quick recovery Car Possibilities brought by the industry, won a quantity of automotive business processing project. High mountains as a tool during the monetary crisis is a reorganization, personnel instruction, practicing internal strength of a good time. To invite market authorities to employees education theory of metal cutting in Might, June, held a series of activities on the Chinese technologies, engineers specify the particular item for new product training for employees by General Manager Mr. Jiang Wende himself into battle to carry out “what to do Managers “instruction, in order to improve employees quality, standards and extensive capability. Chiang constantly believed that the tool sector, sales of high technical content material, a sales engineer instruction normally takes two to 3 years. If the sales staff often flow for the company is clearly a loss. And a range of sharpening and tests skilled mature, even though functioning in long-term mutual understanding and friendship of the staff to construct powerful teams, is the most useful resource.