Deciphering the Pyramid Text


The Wonderful Giza Pyramid is referenced numerous times in the Hebrew Bible: Psalms 118, Jeremiah 32:18-20 and Isaiah 19:19 and 20. This fascinating structure has captivated the minds of many and is known as “the Bible in Stone.” Like the Hebrew Bible, the Fantastic Giza Pyramid speaks to us in the language of mathematics. And like the Hebrew Bible, Christ is the central theme.

Isaiah 19:19 and 20 is known as the Pyramid Text. The Pyramid Text consists of 27 Hebrew words and 126 Hebrew letters. The gematria of the Pyramid Text is five,449, which is the height in inches of the Wonderful Giza Pyramid.

I became curious as to whether or not there existed an ELS (equidistance letter sequence) code in the Pyramid Text. ELS Codes are proof that the Holy Bible is an inspired Text. Yahweh, through the hands of unwitting scribes, embedded His Signature into the Holy Writ.

The Great Giza Pyramid is also known as the “Pillar of Enoch,” and is purported to have been constructed by the Great Patriarch. There exists much misinformation relating to the Excellent Pyramid and its goal. The Pyramids were not tombs rather, they have been utilised by the Egyptian Mystery Schools for purposes of initiation. The Wonderful Giza Pyramid also serves to stabilize the Planet Earth which has a wobble in its rotation. There are a quantity of strategically placed pyramids spanning the Globe which were so placed expressly for this goal.

The ELS Code within the Pyramid Text starts with the final Heh in LaYahweh (“…to Yahweh…”). There are six letters in the code, spaced at 21-letter intervals. The six letters are Heh, Gimel, Daleth, Yod, Vav, and Meem Final. These six letters form the phrase: ha Gad Yom

“The Excellent Fortune of the Day.”

This code conforms to the general topic matter of Isaiah 19, which is the Divine Judgment of an oppressive Egypt. The “good fortune” is that Yahweh will send a Moshia’ and a leader to deliver the oppressed in Egypt.

The Name of Yahweh appears four times in the Pyramid Text. A single of the Attributes discovered in the Pyramid Text is Yahweh Tzevaoth. Yahweh Tzevaoth is defined as He Who is Sovereign more than all the hosts (powers) that exist in heaven and on earth. One particular of the 1st places we uncover the designation, Lord of Hosts, utilized is when Hannah prays,

“O’Lord of Hosts, if You will appear at the affliction of Your servant.” (I Samuel 1:11)