Day Trading Robot Technique Scam?


Day Trading Robot has been garnering a lot of interest in day trading circles as of late. In case you didn’t know, this is a stock selecting technique designed to deliver winning stock picks appropriate to your e-mail so that you can trade accordingly. Tired of hearing each the merits and lies of this system from opposing sides, I sat down with this controversial technique to find out for myself if there was any truth to the Day Trading Robot method scam, right here are my in depth benefits.

First, a tiny about how Day Trading Robot works so as to better realize it. This is a technique which was created in equal parts by a talented programmer as well as an specialist day trader who lended 23 winning trading techniques to the mix which the system’s algorithms which it makes use of to identify lucrative stocks are based off of. Once it’s made its picks for every single day, it emails you this data in terms of what to trade and when to enter and exit so that you can trade accordingly. But this technique is only as good as the winningness of its picks, and I decided to enact every single trade which this technique delivered to me to try to typical out its all round percentage.

At the finish of the day (week), I located that I did not win Every single trade which Day Trading Robot advisable that I spot, nor was I expecting to. I lost a handful of. Out of 10 trades which I placed in my first week, I won 8 of them. Even so I found that my all round gains a lot more than produced up for any losses which I sustained. In reality, each and every single subsequent week because then for the previous 3 months I’ve enacted every single advised trade, and I’ve however to have a losing or even close to a losing week.

Simply because all of the heavy lifting is accomplished for you, all that is needed from you the trader is that you know how to enact trades through an e-trading account online and can enact the advisable trades, especially. Consequently, anyone can recognize some true income with the Day Trading Robot method, even if you never have years or even weeks of trading knowledge and a healthy portfolio.