DARPA develops genetically modified spy plants

Military agency DARPA all the time strive to make a terrible fairy tale happen. One of the latest promulgated initiatives of the agency is called “Advanced Plant Technologies” (Advanced Plant Technologies). In its framework, scientists are looking for that can change the physiology of plants, so that they turn into living sensor-spies.

The goal of the program is to genetically modify plants so that they can launch an understandable response for the external observer to specific changes in the environment. Among these are “biological, chemical and radiological threats”, as well as electromagnetic signals. For example, from working equipment of a potential enemy – plants want to turn into passive organic sensors for military needs.

Flora of the Earth and so sensitively reacts to changes in the environment, but in DARPA they want to see not just a “withered” flower, but to know exactly what caused this. Therefore, they need gene encoding technology to “train” plants to react appropriately to specific threats. So that if there are new dangers, do not create measuring instruments, but just grow the appropriate seeds and sow the territory with the drones .

In DARPA very vaguely describe what they want to track with the help of spy plants. But we are ready to provide laboratories in which the most diverse natural zones are simulated. Including hypothetical – one of the goals of the project is the minimization of risk when using personnel in non-standard conditions. Are they preparing a green landing party for Mars?

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