Dangerous trend: 5 things about septum piercing that are useful to know

Dangerous trend: 5 things about septum piercing that are useful to know

Dangerous trend: 5 things about septum piercing that are useful to know

Septum piercing – a puncture of the central nasal septum between the nostrils or a puncture between the cartilage and the septum – has recently become incredibly popular . We do not take into account FKA Twigs, Rihanna and Zoe Kravitz, who can hardly be called fans of classical style, but even Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and Bella Hadid appeared with a septum on the carpet paths.

For the sake of justice, if we are talking about the stars, most of them are fake septum. That is, earrings in the nose that do not require a puncture. That, however, does not stop thousands of their fans around the world, who go to tattoo studios and cosmetology offices for piercing the real thing. If you, too, are crazy about this puncture option, but still can not decide, first carefully read this material. In it – five things that you need to keep in mind before the “operation”.

Dangerous trend 5 things about septum piercing that are useful to know

Non-sterilized needles

Deadly diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV , can be transmitted through unsterilized needles. If you are doing a septum piercing, it is important to make sure that you are dealing with a professional who uses only sterile disposable needles and adheres to other safety rules.

Common infections

What can not be done in any case the first days after the puncture, so it’s to touch the piercing with dirty hands (and clean , to be honest, also not worth it). According to HealCure, the symptoms of infection in this case are manifested as follows: “This is the redness around the earring, which does not disappear after 2-3 weeks after you have made a puncture, bleed, rot. Especially dangerous yellow and green pus, which indicates that the infection is already quite strong. Noticeable swelling and tenderness when trying to move the earring is also an occasion to contact the master for advice. “

Inflammation from alcohol

As in the case of fresh tattoos , it is better to give up alcohol for a couple of days after the piercing. Despite the fact that even if you go to the bar right after the puncture, you are unlikely to have any serious problems, Bustle recalls that alcohol (not only inside, but also alcohol in cosmetic products ) can cause inflammation and swelling.

If your cosmetician does not recommend using alcohol based on the condition of your skin, it’s really best not to do it. But even if he does not say anything, it will not be superfluous to specify, and what about alcohol.


In the event that the septum piercing was done incorrectly, damage to the capillaries can lead to bleeding from the nose or to the release from the puncture of a translucent liquid of a reddish hue. All this is an occasion to visit the master, since you may need to use some time for self-disinfection of the puncture area, which reduces discomfort and speeds up healing .

Nasal septal hematoma

Although this is an extremely rare story, hematoma of the nasal septum is one of the most serious potential dangers associated with septum piercing. It can cause breathing difficulties and even deformation of the face if the help is not provided on time. So if your nose becomes more clogged after the puncture, but you do not have a cold, and all this is accompanied by severe swelling and uncomfortable pressure on the septum, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to exclude any possible risks.

In conclusion, we recall that beauty is first health, and only then everything else. And clip earrings in the nose at the same look at all no worse than these.

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