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tags Border security technique, large screen display merchandise have been completely utilized a single of the most crucial. All more than China and the inland port security authority for the big screen show merchandise supply a huge user base. Nevertheless, many safety systems as associated to foreign matters, the display efficiency, and stability requirements are extremely high. Only the same time meet the performance and price specifications of each border safety in the areas of solution can have a go.

Technologies Co., Ltd. Dalian as the very best rear-projection screen and image processor method hardware has been applied successfully in Dalian Zhoushuizi airport, massive-screen program command center in the border check points. Son of Dalian Airport border control checkpoints water primary serving the Dalian Zhoushuizi airport, its annual passenger throughput of 110 million. The checkpoint has repeatedly intercepted smuggling, drug trafficking and other cross-border crime. The checkpoint system is mostly equipped with big screen show is the completion of border security in order to much better facilitate passenger clearance and the fight against crime.

Dalian Zhoushuizi airport manage command center

System structure description: Command center in Dalian Zhoushuizi border check points by the middle of the large screen the edge of the major screen and vice-screen liquid crystal composition. Amongst them, the principal screen with the back edge of fusion Projection show Technology . The screen size is two m 5 meters, 1.3 meters in thickness display method specifications. Displays with Dalian as the very best integration of hardware Maxvisiom projection screen (MV-5000C20), two Matsushita PT-FD570 Projector And ET-DLE050 wide-angle projection lens.

1. MV-5000 rear projection big screen a hard screen (screen five meters long, two meters higher, 1.5 m thick)

Dalian as the greatest integration of hardware Maxvisiom projection screen (MV-5000C20) can be extremely great and the 6000 lumen Panasonic PT-FD570 rear projection screen with projector. The thickness of the screen structure of the product which is only two.1mm, which additional enhances the rate of the entire screen, projection of light. But also on the screen viewing angle and the mechanical strength of the stringent requirements put forward. Which screen imported higher-strength polycarbonate tough screen material, whilst maintaining ultra-thin structure to attain the excellent mechanical properties. Meanwhile, a composite coating of micron approach (diameter is only 1 ~ five m) particles block light scattering optical layer, can accomplish higher transmission rates and scattering angle, to ensure super-thin screen viewing angle of 175 degree performance.

2. Panasonic Projector Model: PT-FD570 + ET-DLE050 wide-angle lens .8:1

Dalian Zhoushuizi system of border verify points of the command center employed by the large screen Panasonic PT-FD570 projector DLP projection technologies has, through the use of dual-lamp system to 6,000 lumens brightness, and to further shield the stability of item applications. FD570 with mainstream XGA resolution, and the aid of the newly created AC lamp technologies, efficient reflector, synthetic mirror, high contrast photos even in vibrant lighting tends to make the environment can also cast a fantastic image. In order to obtain the thickness of 1.three m project handle requirements, the system makes use of the T-DLE050 (.8:1) wide-angle projection lens, to additional decrease the projection light path, saving technique footprint.

3. Reflective program the most advanced vacuum coating reflectance ahead of the lens, light reflectivity higher than 95%, non-linear distortion is less than 1%.

mirror help and adjustment Machine Structure is the company’s proprietary technology patent, it has eight degrees of freedom adjustment mechanism, and put on have educated engineers and technicians to bring up a very good huge screen.

Surface treatment: mirror help structure making use of higher-functionality metal alloy, surface spray, make certain the installation strength and lessen weight.

reflection angle adjustment: front, left and appropriate, up and down, all-round fine-tuning powerful redress and remedy for non-linear edge of projected image.

general adjustment: can the entire mirror and the horizontal position of the adjustment, lowering the requirements of flatness on the ground.

reflection properties: powerful prevention of mirror deformation, to make sure strength, stability.

4. Seamless integration of graphics processor edge

Signal processing, the command center in Dalian Zhoushuizi border check points, as the large screen with a large screen excellent MVC-910 image processor and hardware-edge 3D-perception Norway fusion.

As good MVC-910 processor is designed for huge-screen multi-screen mosaic created controller, higher performance, high availability and so on. MVC-910 huge-screen processor to support up to 9 Way Way video show output device, every display output resolutions up to 1600 1200. To improve the display program can be controlled, with a set of integrated manage Software program . Appropriate for network operation center (NOC), public handle center, intelligent visitors management centers, processing centers, civilian or military surveillance systems, contact centers, monetary management center, video conference rooms. In addition, Norway 3D-perception hardware edge the edge of fusion items is the leader in the field of integrated products, with steady overall performance and reliability qualities.

five. Quickly Central manage Method six. VGA, AV Matrix Switching Method

7. Remote Conference Technique eight. Lighting Manage Technique

Frontier regions is the massive screen show merchandise, the principal applications. True-time manage and monitoring program is also a big screen show market, the two representative applications. Dalian as the greatest rear projection screen and image processor in the command center in Dalian Zhoushuizi massive screen border verify points of the profitable application of the program than will be further into the high-finish items as the ideal handle in the field and lay a strong foundation.