Customer Alerts: Cabinet Hardware And Much more Obtain Tricky, Charming Eyes


Ordinary cabinet panel, floor, table, and so on., if labeled “foreign imports”, “patent”, then the price tag suddenly doubling itself.

 The kitchen is the property improvement a prime priority. Specifically these produced to order as a entire cupboard, the yuan a extremely widespread, even though in some high-finish imported cabinet shops, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, hundreds of million of the entire cabinet is not absolutely nothing new. In the decoration of this sector, the all round cabinet can be mentioned to happen at the most recent, and now the most popular kitchen furniture, is crucial for most consumers in the renovation of a price, but it is also the most consumers do not realize the products 1.

 In the consumer association’s complaint register, there is such a standard case: the consumer Sunmou about to buy industrial property renovation completed when the whole cabinet, ran 45 instances just before developing materials house improvement market, a vendor is chosen, employees commitment According to the sample to do to make sure that actual materials to his satisfaction. Wait until the bottles and cabinets, the Sunmou do not see any dilemma, but he asked a knowledgeable pal for guidance, only to find fooled — commit million on the buy of cabinets, cabinet makers quietly been material modifications , and not the authorities can not make out. According to industry sources CASE the final two years, complaints about the top quality of the entire cabinet upward trend. No wonder a lot of senior people in the trade say, in casual and non-widespread part of specialists, buyers will acquire the entire cabinet is easy to fall into the dealer very carefully created “concept” of.

 Dealers generally will use a discount this “killer” to attract customers, it is typically the most efficient method. But in fact, hardly a discount to reflect the nature of the cabinet also had a cool head carried away by customers. Such an open label brand as a complete cabinet off to play eight or lower discounts, but in truth, it may be in the material, “as people” or size “Quejinduanliang.” Such as white board and imported wood panel box, the identical size, but the cost difference is nearly 50% Europe hanging cabinet normal size, 72 cm higher and 60 cm, 50 cm hanging cabinet high expense of fundamentally various, imported hardware Components and Hardware costs have made the difference a lot of occasions. What is a lot more, some businesses decrease their allocation of cabinet right after the cabinet totally equipped with other than cost.

 Repeatedly utilized for a wide variety of cabinet material, a lot of the general cabinet sales employees advocate a higher up on the very first consumer components, such as crystal XX plates, silver and diamond XX board, “Do you consider high-priced? Particleboard is also good, a small more affordable. ” Much better than some, greater off than. In contrast, many consumers will be accepted. Table to account for a massive set of cabinet expense. Take a running meters to 1,800 yuan cabinets offer you, if produced the best use of artificial stone countertops have spent more than 700 yuan. Nonetheless, there is the technological level of domestic mixed man-made stone, artificial stone made some of the less fortunate per meter requires only 300 to 500 yuan, whilst the stone from the appearance even the market is also tough to see any important variations, a table was extended meters can have a difference of numerous hundred dollars, which the profit for the enterprise gives fantastic space for adjustment.

 The bottom cabinet is “notion” heavy. Products such as the a lot of salespeople typically say that we are employing a moisture-proof board, after special treatment, moisture-proof effect, of course, rates are slightly pricey. But the reality that insiders know that the principal cabinet of the water table is properly and very good water access, the needs of the moisture is not high, so numerous families in Beijing, the kitchen, no floor drain. The so-named proof sheet is only for ordinary MDF made a deal with it. And price elements, moisture-proof board and particle board in processing difficulty, such as accessories and mechanical losses are significantly lower than these of other plates. Can be observed, a lot of companies is the use of non-specialist customers to “muddle the job.”

 If the accessory cabinet labeled “foreign imports”, “patent”, and that the value suddenly doubling itself. If a price of no far more than a hundred brands of seasoning on the drop-down bar, offer you is much more than 1600 yuan present cabinet on the market place cost of a faucet that is simply five or six hundred dollars, if coupled with some new concepts have to supply thousands of element. This is difficult by any standard, but denied them the income staggering.

 Experts advise customers to determine their quality, the cabinet, the most critical is to appear at the plate, there is its edge, hardware accessories and other specifics of the website. Higher-quality MDF or particle board cabinets need to be posted on panels created of fire, creating typical vendor veneer cabinets and Edge are professional machines to complete by the higher temperature and stress, it will give the veneer, edge banding and sheet mixture of close, lengthy-term use will not crack.