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tags Exceptional antibacterial properties of copper due to be applied to the water dispenser on the liner to inhibit the drinking water “secondary pollution.” Nowadays, copper is also employed in the hot water heaters that heat cup, the water flowing via the copper liner can also play without having high temperature sterilization impact.

Antibacterial properties of copper over other metals is best

2006 Illness Prevention and Control Division of China issued the “11 types of metal samples antibacterial properties and antibacterial properties of the report” shows ordinary steel materials, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria had been 32.28%, 17.60% , Mould development index as high as four. In the very same test atmosphere, 100% copper with antibacterial rate and the mildew rating, ranking the 11 types of antimicrobial properties of the sample metal top.

Water heater how to “healthy”? Professionals said the important is the water heater liner material. After years of study and practice shows that the global heating method, authorities agree that copper is the best cup of water heaters heat raw materials, but they mentioned that only higher-purity copper water heater heating cup made of one hundred% can be antibacterial, antifungal.

Currently on the marketplace that is more than electric water heater stainless steel and glass cups hot water heaters for the raw materials so. It is discovered that Misty St water heater, the 1st in the business with 99.99% of higher-purity copper material as a heating cup raw supplies, a water heater business, “Environmental Wellness” forerunner, Misty St Cup fever due to copper water heater functions a unique metal can on the Cup and liquid water within a sterilization, disinfection.

To do with the copper heat cup of raw materials enhanced by 2 instances cost machine

According to reports, hot water heater to do with copper cup of raw supplies, as increasing raw material costs, particularly copper price, Misty St water heaters price the same scenario to do with the stainless steel cup hot water heater price of raw materials, two – three occasions, and the terminal market price tag is larger than the exact same cup capacity stainless steel hot water heater larger than 500-800 dollars. “End-market pricing of our goods must be in a position to withstand in the variety of people.” Misty St Northern Area Sales Manager Xu Dawei mentioned.

Life of up to 30 years

Xu Dawei further explained that copper has a waterproof scale, high thermal efficiency, high temperature, higher stress, and so on., copper hot cup of life is far better than other supplies. According to the regional water quality, copper hot cup of life up to 30 years can be assured a minimum service life of 10 years.

Basic, the water heater to provide heating cup warranty 2-3 years of service, whilst Misty St provides a hot water heater Cup 5-year warranty protection.

According to reports, Misty St heaters have applied for and obtained patents, including copper heating structural design, structural design of copper heating cup four patents, which includes patents set.