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tags HC Heat Pump Network Combined with current media hot new business improvement program, Tongji University, Environmental Science and Project The pollution to the professor said, will support the national renewable Power R &amp D and engineering, but also mention the formation of quick-term market breakthrough. The extended run, nuclear energy, renewable power use will exceed the sum of biomass will grow even larger, although the wind and Solar Energy The improvement will be restricted. The pollution and promising electrical Vehicle Development, but that the prospect of fuel cells in China remains to be seen. Has also interviewed a number of professionals in the field of new power sources and analysts, they are part of the development of new energy business to do the evaluation and prospects.

Wind power, photovoltaic forward in the dispute
Wind power and photovoltaic power improvement in recent years, the new most disputed territory, early in October of wind power equipment and polysilicon materials alleged to excess capacity, by the end of the media hot emerging development strategy it is out there in the wind power and photovoltaic figure.

Investment adviser in the energy sector of Qian Jiang, chief researcher, in the present international atmosphere, new energy, no matter whether the traditional powers, or the original improvement of backward countries and even the standard sense of the key oil creating countries have demonstrated to uncover the determination of option power.

Jiang Qian believes that solar energy is the preferred power future. “PV electricity price down a matter of time, as the technology to break by way of the bottleneck, the price of manufacturing sector decline, PV electricity price tag will steadily close to the wind or thermal energy rates.”

Jiang Qian analysis, in the next handful of years, nations will invest in the direction of the wind and PV have tilt. “State will be a lot more investment in study and development concerns and policies into high technologies, technology focused investment fund break the bottleneck, because the present constraints of wind power, photovoltaic major obstacle in the improvement of grid technology, element manufacturing approach. “Jiang Qian mentioned.

New possibilities for bio-fuels And wind power, photovoltaic performance of distinct higher profile in recent years, threatening food safety, bio-fuels Zengyin been played down. With the improvement of non-meals ethanol technologies maturity, right after the meeting in Copenhagen is anticipated to usher in a new improvement chance.

Discovered that in 2008, worldwide production of biofuels is 58.76 million tons, replacing the 2% Oil , Exactly where fuel ethanol production is 50.four million tons. To foreign countries, for instance, the U.S. fuel ethanol production this year will attain 33 million tons, is 27 million tons final year to U.S. national oil consumption 900 million tons to calculate, replace the oil rate of six%.

Institute of New Energy Technology Tsinghua University, Professor Li Shizhong, deputy director in 2009 out of a financial price range for the U.S. Department of Energy, the United States in 2009 produced 217 million U.S. dollars in the price range to biomass and bio-refining systems R &amp D, then it is extra investment of 786.5 million U.S. dollars, this can be seen far more emphasis on the United States on the biomass, have enhanced in the investment trend.

Lee ten in view, to what level of industrial improvement and technologies closely connected to the situation at the present stage of corn and other raw components are 1st-generation ethanol affect food safety, the second-generation cellulosic ethanol fuel technologies is not but mature, is termed 1.5 generation of fuel ethanol with sweet sorghum stalks to do the technology is put into industrial trial.

Lee ten described processing of fuel ethanol from sweet sorghum stalks many benefits: Sorghum can not consume, do not compete with human food sorghum planting region, about 2 million hectares or so, wide distribution sweet sorghum a year can get two to 3 quarters, only a quarter of sugar cane low price “recovery of the price tag of sorghum is 200 yuan / ton, 1 ton of fuel ethanol processing fees of not more than 3600 yuan, whilst the first generation of 1 ton of fuel ethanol processing charges not less than 5000 element. “Lee said ten.

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