Controversy Over The Entire Bathroom Sanitary Market, Customer Caution Ahead – Hardware, Bathroom –

one hundred With the design improvement, a complete set of programs to address the type of “total bathroom” being in the industry and consumer concerns, and men and women on the “complete bathroom” concept has also a new interpretation: the complete bathroom, which ware, bathroom furniture, bath screen, bathtub, faucets, showers, tiles and other accessories of any single item design and style are integrated into a unified whole style atmosphere, is a family bathroom space, the all round remedy. Nevertheless, the reporter was in the people, “the whole bathroom,” the basic concern in the heard two different voices?? “The all round consumption of the new bathroom is a modern day fashion” “searching to acquire much less, the complete bathroom is costly Pin Sale is not optimistic. “Why does this happen? Now, let’s bring with each other explore what happens with the numbers of guests.

Help the college: the complete bathroom is the new style of modern consumer

When a reporter asked: “Now the whole notion of bathroom style far more and a lot more customers are hugely praised, what you are how to appear on this trend?” When the musician FerranVilaclara common manager of Asia Pacific, mentioned that when the other Brand also disaggregated, they have advocated in the worldwide notion of the brand all through the bathroom. He optimistically told reporters: “We not only manufacture products, we generate a sanitary atmosphere, the atmosphere for consumers to enjoy, design and comprehensive resolution, of course, the plan also contains items, which includes solutions. So product ahead of the coordination is the ‘musicians’ spend more focus to one particular aspect. bathroom design and style wants to take care of the details of the men and women, all the way to the idea to alter. Therefore, ‘musicians’ have been far more concerned about people’s basic requirements in the bathroom. “

Dongyirisheng and Italian German Legalism Home Decor Group Chairman Chen Hui stated: Our bathroom is now the lack of a holistic, in stark contrast, the bathroom is to the entire of Europe the improvement of China, we are possibly done on tile do ceramic tile, sanitary ware to do so ware, bathroom cabinet, so do the bathroom cabinet, do so within a door inside the door. Only if we genuinely place collectively the most critical, according to every step to do. He further said: bathroom had not previously been seriously, then you may attach, and that I want to purchase high-end tile, I want to get high-finish wares, but I consider not enough, as it did in the door, it is to do these bathroom cabinets things do not match, who can match it to get? If you pick one thing different manufacturers, it is hard to get matches. Now the complete of Europe is the most well-liked bathroom, the bathroom, from the inner door to the bathroom cabinet, sanitary ware, which includes the tiles are the all round design, the general coordination of the match. So I think the entire of the 1st.

Fangyuan Group designer WANG Xiao also told reporters, with the service indicates continuous improvement, a expanding number of sector foresight are made for customers from the style of bathroom space to the selection of bathroom merchandise, to create such an atmosphere, ” all round sanitary answer. ” From the personal computer steam area, massage bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirror, toilet, wash basin, bidet, bathroom accessories and hardware goods, packages and choices, and even “tailor-produced”?? Consumers as a complete bathroom space decorative layout of the design, function allocation, creating an atmosphere distinct needs and requirements such as balanced. In order to attain the spirit of joy from life demands to double enjoyment, to supply customers with set bathing, leisure, overall health, style, warm, sweet, modern new bathroom in one particular consumer fashion.

Opposition: the entire bathroom is not optimistic about sales

Hansgrohe Nanjing dealer with respect, in accordance with the present level of domestic consumption, the general promotion of a wide variety of bathroom far more challenging, the basic use of the complete bathroom is star hotels and some upscale communities, the average family hardly ever acquire. In contrast, the general bathroom villa owners received a lot more well-liked!

“The final two years more and far more well-liked with the all round house improvement, Ina is not the whole bathroom is also the route to go?” When a reporter raised the problem, Ina (China) Investment Ltd, Mr. Shi Yue, general manager of Ibara mentioned: in Japan has continued to modular or holistic items, the predicament is diverse, what brought the Japanese in China can not have, so very first completely realize the situation in China, find out the future, according to the adjust in China into the Chinese market.