Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in Eastern Europe – Inconsistent Demand and Competition from Asia Raises Concerns — Market Research Repor


The newest report, “Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in Eastern Europe – Inconsistent Demand and Competition from Asia Raises Concerns” gives crucial information, information and evaluation of the main trends and problems affecting the Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in Eastern Europe. The report supplies a comprehensive insight into Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in Eastern Europe. The report also offers a detailed analysis of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in Eastern Europe industry characterization in terms of its market size, segmentation by key CMO and the significant marketplace drivers and barriers. The report also supplies competitive landscape of the market that profiles important marketplace players along with their short organization description, pipeline, major goods and significant M&ampA and partnership offers.


The scope of the report involves:
– Detailed overview of CMO’s along with their efficiency and limitation
– Crucial industry drivers and restraints shaping the CMO’s
– Competitive landscape analysis with competitive profiling of top firms such as Evaluation of partnership bargains
– Analysis of M&ampA deals

Reasons to purchase

The report will improve your choice producing capability. It will allow you to
– Develop better techniques for CMO’s by understanding the marketplace dynamics.
– Develop market place-entry and industry expansion techniques by identifying the important cancer areas for higher growth and higher opportunities
– Realize the factors shaping the CMO’s
– Identify the key players
– Exploit partnership and acquisition opportunities by identifying the goods that could fill the portfolio gaps.

Table of Contents :

1.1 List of Tables 5
1.two List of Figures 6
2 Introduction 7
2.1 GBI Analysis Guide 7
3 Overview of the CMO Business 8
three.1 Present Status of Pharmaceutical Industry 8
three.2 The Require to Outsource for Pharmaceutical Businesses eight
3.two.1 Reduction in Physical Assets 9
3.two.2 Restructuring of Item Portfolio 9
three.2.3 Downsizing Manufacturing 9
3.2.four Reduction in R&ampD Spending ten
3.three What CMOs are and Causes for Outsourcing to Them 11
3.three.1 Distinct Types of CMOs and the Variety of Services Offered by Them 12
3.3.2 How Does Outsourcing to CMOs Take Location? 13
three.3.three Crucial Outsourcing Models 15
3.3.four Essential Advantages of Outsourcing 17
4 Contract Manufacturing in Eastern Europe – Industry Characterization 19
4.1 Marketplace Forecasts 21
five Geographical Landscape 22
five.1 Comparative Evaluation of Eastern European Nations 22
five.two Infrastructural Facilities – Railways, Roadways, Airways, Energy and All round Logistics Assistance 23
5.three Labor – Availability of Skilled Labor at Inexpensive Rates and Labor Flexibility 24
five.4 Broad Financial Indicators – GDP, Availability of Credit, Taxation Policies 25
five.5 Ease of Undertaking Company – All round Government and Regulatory Assistance 26
five.five.1 Key Takeaway 27
5.six Person Strengths and Weaknesses for Every single Country 28
five.6.1 Poland 28
5.6.2 Czech Republic 30
five.six.three Lithuania 32
five.six.4 Ukraine 33
five.6.5 Hungary 35
five.six.6 Slovakia 37
5.six.7 Slovenia 38
5.7 Analysis of Other Emerging CMO markets 40
5.7.1 Chinese CMO Industry 40
5.7.two Indian CMO Industry 41
6 Industry Drivers and Restraints 43
six.1 Drivers 44
6.1.1 Availability of Low-cost Skilled Manpower 44
6.1.two Better Infrastructure and Government Policies 46
6.1.3 Elevated Consumptions of Generics 47
6.1.4 Far better Intellectual House Rights Protection 52
6.1.five Rising Uptake of Biologics and Entry of Biosimilars into Market 53
6.two Restraints 56
6.two.1 Competitors from Low-cost Asian CMOs 56
6.2.two Capacity Utilization Concerns Affecting the Profitability of CMOs 57
6.two.three Lowered Quantity of New Drug Approvals 57
six.2.4 Complicated Cost Structures in Outsourcing 59
7 Regulatory Landscape 61
7.1 EU GMP 62
7.1.1 EU cGMP Recommendations for API Manufacturing 63
7.1.two Essential Changes in EU GMP Recommendations 66
7.2 PIC/S 66
8 Prominent Players 68
8.1 Polpharma S.A. 68
eight.1.1 Services Supplied 69
eight.two Hasco-Lek S.A. 70
8.two.1 Solutions Presented 71
8.3 Sanitas AB (Sanitas Group) 72
eight.three.1 Pharmaceutical Company JELFA SA 73
8.3.two Laboratorium Farmaceutyczne Homeofarm sp. z o.o. 73
8.four Lonza Biotec sro 74
eight.4.1 Solutions Supplied 74
8.5 Grindeks A.S. 75
eight.5.1 Services Provided 76
8.6 Galilaeus Oy 77
eight.6.1 Services Presented 77
eight.7 FSP Galena 78
8.7.1 Solutions Offered 78
8.8 Noventis sro 79
8.eight.1 Services provided 79
8.9 Zentiva N.V. 80
eight.9.1 Solutions Offered 80
8.ten SVUS Pharma a.s. 81
8.ten.1 Services supplied 81
eight.11 Notable CMOs in Eastern Europe 82
8.11.1 Nycomed 82
eight.11.two Polfa Tarchomin S.A. 82
eight.11.3 Biogened S.A. 82
8.11.4 Pliva Lachema a.s. 82
eight.11.5 Aflofarm 82
8.11.six TAPI 83
9 Major Events and Trends in the CMO Business 84
9.1 US Healthcare Reforms in 2010 Will Influence CMOs Positively due to Increased Demand for Medicines in the US. 84
9.two Upcoming Blockbuster Drugs will Produce a Constructive Impact on the CMO Sector 85
9.3 Enhanced Concentrate on Emerging Markets by Significant Pharmaceutical Companies will Influence CMOs Positively 86
9.4 Developments Top to an Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement will Affect CMOs Positively 87
9.five Elevated M&ampA Activity Throughout 2009-10 is Probably to Have an effect on the CMO Business Positively 88
9.6 Tightening of GMP Recommendations by the FDA and the EU in Close to Future will Increase Charges for the CMOs and will Negatively Influence their Profitability. 89
9.7 Reduced Capacity Utilization in the Biologics Manufacturing Sector is Negatively Affecting the Profitability of the CMOs 90
9.8 Drug Cost Cuts Across Western Europe will Negatively Impact the CMOs 91
ten Appendix 92
10.1 Industry Definitions 92
ten.2 Abbreviations 92
ten.three Investigation Methodology 93
ten.3.1 Coverage 93
ten.three.two Secondary Research 94
10.3.three Primary Study 94
10.3.4 Professional Panel Validation 94
10.4 Get in touch with Us 95
ten.five Disclaimer 95
ten.6 Sources 95

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