Concept of electricity for kids

The behavior of the electrical circuit can be compared with the hydraulic system

Hydraulic system

Under the influence of the pump pressure , Pascal
by pipes and valves of different sections , 1 / cm²
from high pressure area
in the low-pressure region
the volume of fluid is transferred ,
forming a flow of a certain force, m³ / sec
who commits useful work , Joule
transmitting energy to the turbine at a certain speed. Watt

Electrical circuit

Under the influence of the power supply voltage, U Volt
on conductors and components of different resistance , R Om
from high potential, + “a plus”
to low potential “minus”
the charge is transferred , Q Pendant
forming an electric current of a certain strength, I Ampere
who commits useful work , W Joule
turning into another energy with a certain speed . P Watt
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