Completion of Medication Administration Records


A single of the greatest challenges care organisations have is in making sure that they have great Medication Administration Records and that their nurses and care employees in fact complete them properly. I not too long ago had the pleasure of the business of a gentleman from the Care High quality Commission who told me that medication troubles are nonetheless the greatest area of concern during inspection visits and specifically record maintaining. So what are the issues and how can we get it proper?

What information ought to be on a MAR?

The guidance states that a MAR ought to include the name and address of the service user, a start date so that I know which record is present or for reference should I need to have to go an look back at a certain date, the medication information i.e. the name, strength, form, clear dosage instructions and occasions of day, to state “contents of box” or nomad or dossette and so not acceptable, if you have codes for administration then the key for those codes wants to be clearly stated on the MAR, some exactly where for the nurse or carer to either sign or initial, if initials are utilised there needs to be a master record kept in the office of whose initials tally with which carer or nurse. Any other info on the MAR is not needed but may make the MAR more robust when in use and so might have quantities received and returned for example, or GP details and so forth.

Who is responsible for providing the MAR and entering the details?

Legally it is the duty of the care organisation to provide the MAR and to place the details on it. Several care houses will have their MAR’s supplied by their pharmacy but it truly is a complimentary service to them, pharmacy have no legal or contractual obligation to offer MAR’s at all. There is no official template or advisable format for a MAR and so there are a lot of different sorts and as long as they meet the needs above and are filled in appropriately it’s what performs best for your organisation. The medication details for every single client ought to be entered by the organization and any changes to medication should also be created by the care organization, written in legibly in ink, if the medication has changed, put a line through the old medication and re-write the new on a new line of the MAR, preferably checked by yet another person, signed, dated and a note to say on who’s authority was the change produced.

Codes for Administration

There are no official codes for administration or guidance offered as to what they must be so it is up to the care organisation to make a decision what data it requires the nurse or carer to record. Good practice would be to have codes for administered, reminded, observed, not taken, refused, dose measured, on leave, in hospital,and so on.

Record maintaining at the time of administration

Education in how to full MAR’s is essential if you are to make certain that your teams do it appropriately at all occasions. You should have in location a system to recognize exactly where mistakes are being produced or records are not becoming completed properly so that that carer or nurse can be spoken to, offered further guidance and coaching and requirements enforced.

At the time of administration group members have to sign or initial the MAR in the suitable space and an indication of how they supported, this could be by using a code as discussed above. If the person did not require medication the carer or nurse should nonetheless sign and add a code to clarify that the client didn’t require it. Please do not leave records blank as gaps create concerns and uncertainty about what happened at that time. If it was a controlled drug administered by two men and women both need to sign. If it was a variable dose for example “give 10ml or 20ml”, specifically what dose was given should be recorded. If a dose is refused by the service user record that it was refused and why. Any more than the counter treatments or homely remedies that you administer should also be detailed on the MAR.

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