Common Administration Of Sports Opening 222 Olympic Champion Domain Name – Olympic Champions Domain

tags 26, confirmed that the State Sports General Administration has the all round opening of 23 official Olympic champion of 222 domain names to point to the Chinese Olympic Committee official site of the relevant players page. This is the opening of Common Administration of Sports for the initial time the whole Olympic champion domain names, subsequent to the player I consider the use of the domain name.

Discovered that the location is the Olympic champion domain twists and turns, had previously skilled war and civil donations cybersquatting, the overall commence does not imply the ultimate objective of Olympic champion domain names have been settled. Basic Administration of Sports said that the present Olympic champion is just the early stages of the application domain, the domain name in English and Chinese athletes will at some point be used by the player himself, other athletes are also sub-domain to allow batch processing.

222 Olympic champion into application domain

In the August 23 opening of the State Sports Common Administration of large-scale operation in the name of the 222 Olympic champion. “China” CN domain names and domain evaluation have been associated to the Chinese Olympic Committee official internet site player details page. This signifies that these Beijing Olympic Games have designed good results for China’s Olympic champion has a new World wide web “developing” as extended as the input related to China right after the Olympic champion domain name, you can locate relevant Olympic champion’s house page.

Now, in the address bar of the, instant access to the official site of the Chinese Olympic Committee, “2008 Beijing Olympic Games Chinese Sports Delegation List?? Guo Jingjing” introduction web page info, such as height, weight, race video, campaign knowledge, awards and other users want to know the contents of the panoramic view. Other individuals such as “”, “” champion athletes such as the domain of the Chinese delegation also point to the corresponding directory introduction page.

It is understood that most of the opening of the Olympic champion domain by the State Sport Common Administration of pre-registration just before the Olympic Games in Beijing, part of the domain name for cost-free donations from a number of Net customers. Application of these domains can not only show a more complete outlook of our athletes, but also simple to really like their close friends to facilitate timely and relevant data about the athletes.

In fact, numerous star athletes abroad quite early in the application of their own domain name, as nicknamed “Tiger” Golf Star Tiger? Woods opened a residence page on the display personal dynamic, interactive exchange, foreign athletes on the Internet, applications of this initiative is a revelation of our athletes.

The subsequent Olympic champion a more active use of domain names

State Sports Common Administration stated that as the opening of the Olympic champion of this domain is much more, the application of complementary measures ought to be additional improved, so the championship is only the initial stage of domain name applications. In the future, these champion athletes domain name will be progressively handed more than to me to use the application form will be additional deepened. For a lot of athletes, the Olympic champion domain name application is an outside venue to conquer new regions of require, how they participate in World wide web domain names by the use of titles is also a subject of great interest.

The International Olympic Committee also noted the effect of the Net. December 11, 2007, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne Conference Board formally adopted a resolution approved to participate in competitions in the course of the Beijing Olympic Games athletes and officials can set up individual blog.

Early pre-registration of the State Sports Common Administration, when the Olympic champion domain names, users have speculated that these early protection of registered domain names that could be utilised for three major elements: initial Olympic champion’s official net internet site second is for the athletes individual blog third Olympic athletes information portal web page. Common Administration of Sport was officially opened in the unlock secrets, but also began to safeguard the interests of new players to discover the Net.

Experts stated, the Olympic champion application domain, not only for the hundreds of millions of Internet customers, specially the young World wide web users to supply a window to realize the Olympic champion. Meanwhile, the Olympic champion application domain for athletes also offers a development platform on the World wide web.