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tags Milling milling complex components heart, the NC legislature Mills Use should be aware of the following questions:

1. Clamping processing mills with mills they use a heart Spring Folder Set Folder strategy used in the cantilever. Milling process, it might often appear mills steadily extended from the knife folder, or even falling, resulting in the workpiece scrap phenomenon, its causes within the general folder for knife hole and mills Chuck Exist amongst the outer diameter of film, resulting in insufficient clamping force. Cutter factory is generally coated with anti-rust oil, if cutting the use of non-soluble cutting oil, knife folder will be attached to a layer of fog film hole, when the knife manage knife when the film hold both folders, knife folders are tough to firmly clamp tool holders, processing mills are most likely to loose fall. Consequently, before clamping end mills, the Department ought to very first milling cutter shank hole folder cleaned with cleaning resolution, wipe dry and then be clamped. When the cutter diameter is massive, even if the folder is extremely clean knife holder, knife incident may take place out this time should be used with the corresponding side of the lock holder to level the gap mode. Cutter clamping of another difficulty that might arise following the processing mills turner port workplace was broken and the cause to use the general folder for too extended knife, knife folder has been worn into a cone-shaped port Division?

two. Cutter blade vibration due cutter and folder exist among the modest gap, so the processing Tools Possible vibration phenomenon. Vibration will eat knife blade cutter circumference Uneven, and cut expansion ratio of the original worth increases, affecting the precision machining tool life. Nonetheless, when processing the smaller groove width, they can head to the tool vibration, expansion by increasing the volume of all the needed slot width, but this case must limit the maximum amplitude of .02mm mills the following, otherwise can not be stable cutting. Vibration normal processing mills as tiny as possible. When the tool vibration, the reduce the cutting speed, feed price, as each have been decreased by 40% in vibration there is nevertheless huge, it ought to contemplate reducing the amount knife to consume. Such as processing method in the resonance, which may possibly be excessive cutting speed, feed price is low, much less rigid tool method, workpiece clamping force is not sufficient and the workpiece or workpiece clamping techniques, the shape of the element of time must be taken to adjust the cutting increase the tool method stiffness, improve the feed rate and other measures.

3. Cutter cutting cutting edge Mold CNC milling the workpiece cavity, when the concave element of the cut point or deep cavity, the needed lengthening of the extending end mills. If you use the extended edge milling cutter, cutter deflection as huge, effortless to make vibrations and lead to tool breakage. Therefore, the processing, if the only tool to participate in cutting edge close to the finish, it is best to use lengthy-handled tool length longer Duanren type mills. Horizontal CNC Machine tool The use of huge-diameter finish mill workpiece, simply because of self-respect arising from the massive deformation of the tool, we must spend wonderful consideration to cutting edge cutting prone to problems. Must use the long edge milling cutter case, you need to substantially reduce the cutting speed, feed price.

four. Cutting parameters have been chosen cutting speed selected depends on workpiece material feed price was selected depending on workpiece material and cutter diameter. Some foreign producers of cutting tools cutting tool cutting tool parameters with the sample choice table, for reference. But at the identical time cutting parameters are selected by the machine tool, cutting tool technique, is the shape of workpiece clamping strategies and various aspects need to be adjusted according to actual situation cutting speed feed price. As to the priority considerations in tool life when cutting speed can be appropriately lowered feed price When the chips from the edge is not excellent, we can appropriately boost the cutting speed.

5. Cutting methods to select clockwise assists stop blade harm can improve the tool life. But there are two points to note: If the ordinary machining, ought to seek to eradicate gaps feeding mechanism When the surface residues are casting, forging process the formation of oxide film, or other hardened layer, need to be adopted against the mill.

six. Carbide finish mills making use of high-speed steel mills use a much more broad range of application requirements, even if slightly inappropriate selection of cutting situations, nor to any wonderful problem. Although the carbide cutter has a very good put on resistance of high-speed cutting, but it utilizes less than the scope of a wide range of higher speed steel finish mills and cutting situations must be in strict conformity with tool specifications.

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